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VetUK Dental Powder 60g - From £5.99

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VetUK Dental Powder 60g

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Manufacturer: VetUK



VetUK Dental Powder is a nutritional supplement developed to help remove plaque, reduce tartar and freshen your pet’s breath.

Made using 100% dried and powdered seaweed, VetUK Dental Powder can be mixed into wet food or sprinkled over your pet’s dry food once a day for easy administration.

VetUK Dental Powder works by altering the pH level of your pet’s saliva; helping to soften and remove existing tartar, and helping prevent the formation of new plaque deposits from building up on the teeth.

Key Benefits:

  • Freshens Breath
  • Combats Plaque
  • Combats Tartar

Feeding Instructions:

  Recommended Amount
Cats and Dogs Under 10kg Bodyweight 1/2 - 1 Scoop Per Day
Dogs Between 10kg and 25kg Bodyweight 1 - 2 Scoops Per Day
Dogs Over 25kg Bodyweight 2 Scoops Per Day

Vitamin Content per Scoop:
Vitamin A 26,2µg, Vitamin B1 1,2µg, Vitamin B2 2,6µg, Vitamin B3 6,6µg, Vitamin B12 0,0013µg, Vitamin C 327,9µg, Vitamin D 1,3µg, Vitamin E 65,6µg, Vitamin K 32,8µg, Biotin 0,13µg, Folic Acid 0,13µg, Folacin 0,13µg

Mineral Content per Scoop:
Calcium 6,6µg, Magnesium 2,4µg, Phosphorous 0,65µg, Sodium 1,0µg, Potassium 0,79µg, Iron 196,7µg, Iodine 131,1µg, Silicon 52,5µg, Boron 26,2µg, Zinc 26,2µg, Manganese 2,6µg, Copper 2,6µg, Selenium 1,3µg

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