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Dog Behaviour & Calming from £2.98
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Standard UK Delivery from £2.99

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Dog Behaviour & Calming

Dog Behaviour products will facilitate the training of your misbehaving dog. This selection of dog training products includes, bitch sprays, dog pheromones and stress supplements. We stock Adaptil and Zylkene as well as natural stress relieving products such as Anxiety for Dogs.

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Dog Behaviour: At VetUK we understand the importance of good dog behaviour. A well behaved dog is fun to be around for all members of the family. Dogs experience stress in much the same way as humans do. They have their own set of stresses that uniquely define their reactions to depression, separation anxiety, loneliness, boredom, frustration, noise intolerance, fear of other animals or humans, fear of owner's anger, and uncertainties in new life situations such as new home, new family, or new family member.

VetUK offers a wide range of products which will assist in specific situations by helping your dog feel calm and relaxed. The use of dog behavioural products such as Adaptil begins before your puppy comes home and will create a serene environment to help him settle in more quickly. There are many ways to use Adaptil, as a spray, a collar or for the ultimate ease of use Adaptil is available as a plug-in diffuser. For pets who suffer with stress associated with specific events such as fireworks, thunderstorms, travel or general anxiety there are a wide variety of preparations to help; there are also products recommended by behaviourists and designed to assist with territorial and boisterous behaviours. Available as liquids and tablets which can be given on their own or in food or as aerosol diffusers to create a calming environment VetUK has a preparation to suit every situation. VetUK’s range includes homeopathic, organic and natural products