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Veterinary Diets

Veterinary diets are recommended and formulated specifically to aid in the management of certain conditions in cats and dogs, such as ageing and stiff joints, skin or digestive sensitivity. Your vet may well recommend a diet for the management of a diseases such as those made to support organ function eg the liver or kidney. Veterinary diets are very specific cat and dog foods with tailored nutrition for the management of disease or symptoms in your pet, it is therefore important that you purchase the correct diet which can be checked on the table below. The use of most vet diets is normally from a recommendation from your vet or even "prescribed", however, none are actually under prescription and you are free to buy any diet you have been recommended to purchase and use from us here at VetUK.

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  VetUK Veterinary
Royal Canin Veterinary
Hills Prescription
Eukanuba Vet
Purina Veterinary
Specific Vet
Acute Intestinal Absorptive Disorder   Intestinal        
Age Related Behavioural Changes     BD      
Anorexia, Malnutrition, Inability to Eat,
  Convalescence AD      
Chronic Renal Failure Renal Renal KD / UD Renal NF Kidney Support
Convalescence         CN  
Dehydration Due To Acute Diarrhoea
And Vomiting
  Rehydration Support        
Dental Disease Dental Dental TD      
Dermatosis And Excessive Hair Loss   Skin   Dermatosis DRM  
Diabetes Obesity
and Diabetic
    Weight Diabetic
Feline Diabetes Obesity
and Diabetic
Diabetic MD      
Food Allergies And/Or Intolerance Sensitivity Ultra Hypoallergenic,
DD / ZD   HA Allergy
Gastrointestinal Disorders Sensitivity
and Intestinal
Sensitivity Control ID Intestinal EN Digestive
Gut Mobility   Fibre Response        
Heart Disease And Related Fluid
  Cardiac HD      
Hepatic (Liver) Disease In Dogs   Hepatic LD      
Joint Function Joint and Mobility Mobility Support JD Joint Mobility JM Joint Support
Serious Illness Such As Cancer     ND      
Stress Related Digestive And
Skin Disorders
Thyroid Health In Cats     YD      
Urinary Tract Disease Urinary Urinary CD / SD Urinary UR Struvite
Weight Management Obesity
and Diabetic
Mobility Support, Satiety WD Weight Diabetic
Weight Problems In Cats And Dogs Obesity
and Diabetic
Obesity RD Restricted Calorie OM Weight