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Dog Food

Buying Dog Food? There are many premium brand dog food manufacturers and hundreds of food varieties available. With such a wide range of specialist dog foods you need to ensure you decide on a food which matches the age, lifestyle and even breed of your dog ensuring you are giving it a balanced diet and contributing to your dog's health and well-being and in a cost effective way.

Selecting the right food for your pet will create not only nutritional benefits but will benefit their health and even their physical appearance. Ingredients such as natural fish oil, Omega 3, help to promote a healthy skin and coat whilst foods high in protein support the production of lean muscle. The natural goodness of ingredients and the ease of digestion is increased through the careful cooking of the kibble.

Health needs your attention - Care for your dog's sensitivities.

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Specially shaped kibbles help to remove dental plaque and tartar. When your dog chews their food the texture of the kibble produces a gentle abrasive effect on their teeth which scours your pet's teeth, gently reducing plaque and encouraging good dental health.

The diverse selection of kibble available allows for you to choose between a tasty range of recipes that will satisfy even the pickiest of dogs. Packed full of meaty aromas and nutritional goodness delicious kibbles are available in a variety of flavours and are high in fibre which will leave your pet feeling fuller for longer. Kibbles can be specially formulated to meet the nutrient profiles of specific life stages, breeds and specialist veterinary diets to make sure you find the most suitable diet for your pet.

Check out the variety of palatable kibbles available now to find the perfect one for your pet.