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VetUK Enzymatic Toothpaste 100ml - From £5.99
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VetUK Enzymatic Toothpaste 100ml

VetUK Enzymatic Toothpaste 100ml big image

Manufacturer: VetUK



VetUK Enzymatic Toothpaste has been developed with an advanced triple action formula that helps to reduce tartar, remove plaque and reduce bad breath in both cats and dogs.

Designed with an enzyme complex that is continuously active against plaque, gingivitis, dry mouth and bad breath, the easy-to-use toothpaste has also been given a delicious meat flavour to offer high palatability.

Directions for Use:
Apply the Enzymatic Toothpaste directly on to a toothbrush, ensuring the size of the toothbrush is suitable for your pet.

  Daily Amount
Cats 2 Pumps
Dogs up to 2kg 2 Pumps
Dogs 2 - 10kg 3 Pumps
10 - 20kg 4 Pumps
Dogs Over 20kg 6 Pumps

Enzyme Complex (Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, Lysozyme, Isothiocynate Salt, Glucose Oxidase), Silicon Abrasive Bead, Zinc Chelate, Excipients, Meat Flavour.

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Jennifer Farndell
August 2022

Really good. Have been using Logic for years and just tried this product due to price difference. Can’t fault it and will now be using it permanently. Plus it is so much easier to use than a tube with no waste at the end - I dissected the container to check 🤣

Jean Whitten
December 2021

Amazing results - had been using Oral Logic but tartar still building up. Now on second container of VetUk Enzymatic Toothpaste Gyp's teeth are almost clear of buildup - even the back teeth! Vet had said that he would need to have his teeth scrapped and one of his incisors removed due to the build up of tartar. This toothpaste has saved him from that. Has also saved us money - no vet fee and a more seasonably priced product.

Tessa Lee
September 2019

I have just finished a tub of this product and will order another one. However I don't like to waste anything, so prised off the pump top and found a weeks treatment for my Labrador left1?

Shamim Byrne
January 2017

Tried this for the dog, initially she was not keen on the product but has grown to like it!

Ms B Maki
November 2016

I bought this instead of Logic Oral Hygiene Gel because there was an offer of free delivery with purchase of a VetUK product. In response to my email, the helpful sales team had let me know its active ingredients and I'm satisfied it works as well as the other brand. Certainly my cats find it just as palatable. However, its plastic pump container can be a hassle. The first pump I bought stopped pumping after only one use, but the helpful sales team quickly replaced it for free when I rang. The next one was fiddly for the first several uses, but now seems to function ok.