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Royal Canin Sensitivity Control Tins for Dogs

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Manufacturer: Royal Canin

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Chicken (12 x 420g Tins)


Duck (12 x 420g Tins)



Royal Canin Sensitivity Control Tins for Dogs is a nutritionally complete hypoallergenic vet diet for dogs with Adverse Food Reactions (AFR), food allergies or food/ingredient intolerance.

Containing high amounts of biotin, niacin and zinc to help strengthen your dog’s natural skin barrier and help protect them from external irritants, Royal Canin Sensitivity has been made with a specially selected source of hydrolysed proteins that have been chosen to help reduce the risk of your dog having an allergic reaction.

Royal Canin Sensitivity Veterinary Diet also contains a careful balance of nutrients and fatty acids that will promote a healthy digestive system by cultivating the good bacteria in your dog’s system.

Key Benefits:

  • Selected Protein: Chicken/Duck & Rice are the only sources of protein and carbohydrate in this diet as they are rarely involved in food allergy
  • EPA/DHA: Helps modulate skin reactions and contribute to the intestinal mucosal integrity
  • Skin Barrier: Helps reduce trans-epidermal water loss and strengthens the barrier effect of the skin
  • Digestive Security: Contains a combination of highly digestible proteins, prebiotics, beet pulp, rice and fish oil to ensure maximum digestive security

with Chicken:
Chicken Meats, Chicken Liver, Rice, Fish Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cellulose, Minerals, Taurine, Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides (FOS), Marigold Meal (Rich in Lutein), Trace Elements (including Chelated Trace Elements), Vitamins
with Duck: Duck Meats, Rice, Fish Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cellulose, Marigold Meal (Rich in Lutein), Minerals, Taurine, Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides (FOS), Trace Elements (including Chelated Trace Elements), Vitamins

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Judith Blatherwick

Our 6 month old spaniel is a very fussy eater and also has a very sensitive stomach. This food is 3xcellent for keeping his digestive system happy, and it also has the added benefit of being his favourite thing to eat. Thank goodness this was recommended to us by our vet.

Kay Johnstone

My Shih Tzu Hector suffers from colitis. After trying various other products, our Vet recommended RC Sensitivity and he has rarely had a tummy upset since and his poos are solid, which also helps his anal glands! Thought he would turn his nose up (being a fussy Shih Tzu)but Hector loves the duck and rice flavour, not too keen on the Chicken. And of course its a lot cheaper from VetUK.

Sandra Unwin

My dog has a very sensitive stomach and after the vet recommended this product we have not looked back. I am happy because my dog is happy. and we have had no problems since then.

Samantha Kable

My collie who has a sensitive stomach loves this food and he has been a lot better since being on it. Also makes a great kong stuffing!

Joy Haszeldine

We found this product to be excellent for our young German Shepherd who has a sensitive stomach. The Royal Canine Sensitivity was recommended by our vet and we have been using it ever since. Our dog obviously finds it palatable and enjoys it very much, it keeps him from getting any gastric upsets, so it's a happy dog, and peace of mind for us too.