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Protexin Pro-Fibre for Dogs and Cats 500g - From £13.32
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Protexin Pro-Fibre for Dogs and Cats 500g

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Manufacturer: Protexin Veterinary



Protexin ProFibre is a pelleted product for addition to the daily food of dogs & cats.

Protexin Pro Fibre contains fibre from several sources. Many modern dog or cat foods and methods of feeding often leave the dog or cat with insufficient fibre in its diet which may lead to alimentary problems, especially in the hind gut.

It is suggested in some cases that impaction of the anal-glands may be the result of insufficient dietary fibre.

The beneficial micro-organisms contained in this product occur naturally in the gut of all healthy animals.

Probiotics colonise the gut and help exclude potentially pathogenic bacteria.

The fibre content of Pro-Fibre is multi-sourced and comprises both digestible and indigestible components.

Higher fibre diets produce an increase in stool diameter which is important in triggering the emptying of the analsacs during defecation.

Reviews (21)

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Vanessa Bateson
September 2019

have used for number of years now and never had to take dogs back to vets for their glands as before i stared using this was there every 2 months

Sara Wilson
October 2017

My 5yr old american bulldog was suffering with blocked anal glands however since using this particular product there have been no problems! I've been using this product now for around 8 months and can honestly say it's worth every penny! No more expensive vet bills !

Peter Gove
September 2015

Recommended by our vet for anul gland problems in our miniature long haired dachshund. Seems to help but our dog is a bit fussy on food. He would carefully throw all of the pellets out of his plate. Problem solved by crushing with a rolling pin and hiding the pellets under other food.

Wendy Lewis
February 2015

This has been a huge help for my rescue greyhound - no more "nervous tummy" problems and it's totally cured his anal gland trouble. I've tried other probiotics, but he won't eat them - he loves this one!

Debbie Mciver
September 2013

I have been buying this product for more years than I care to remember as a supplement to my Dog's diet. Having read many of the other latest reviews, I would agree that yes, the pot size has decreased and initially it didn't last as long because the manufacturers used the same style of serving spoon. However, now that the serving spoon has been changed to compensate for it now being a more concentrated product, from the way I'm using it, it lasts just as long as before. There have been no feeding problems or illness for my dogs since the manufacturers changed the product and I am quite happy to continue as I have been doing - unless any future changes start to disagree with my dogs.

Jenny Smith
August 2013

Like everyone else has said this product is no longer what it used to be since it was "reformulated". It doesn't last anywhere near as long as the old one. Plus it doesn't seem to work any longer (my vet originally suggested it to help with anal gland problems). Since they changed it I have noticed the old gland problems are back. All it seems to do is create enormous poohs. I will not be buying this any more and I'm going to feedback to my vet as they are still selling it.