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Hills Prescription Diet KD Pouches for Cats

Hills Prescription Diet KD Pouches for Cats big image
Hills Prescription Diet KD Pouches for Cats thumbnail Hills Prescription Diet KD Pouches for Cats thumbnail Hills Prescription Diet KD Pouches for Cats thumbnail

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food

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Chicken (12 x 85g)


Beef (12 x 85g)


Salmon (12 x 85g)



Hills Prescription Diet KD Kidney Care Wet Food for Adult Cats is a carefully balanced diet to support cats with kidney disorders; to help extend and strongly improve their quality of life.

Formulated to help reduce the progression of kidney disorders and preserve kidney functions, Hills K/D also contains reduced level of high quality protein to reduce the workload of the kidneys, whilst meeting the nutritional needs of your cat.

Key Benefits:

  • Quality of Life: Clinically proven to help maintain quality of life in kidney patients
  • High-Quality Protein: Prevents toxic breakdown of products from causing too much discomfort
  • Omega Oils: High levels of Omega-3 help the blood flow to the kidneys
  • Enhanced Appetite Trigger: Significantly increases appetite in cats
  • Antioxidants: Supports your cat’s immune system and works to neutralise harmful free radicals

Feeding Guide:
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with Chicken:

Chicken (17%), Pork, Wheat Flour, Maize Starch, Various Sugars, Salmon, Dried Egg White, Cellulose, Minerals, Sunflower Oil, Fish Oil, Vitamins, Trace Elements, Taurine and Beta-Carotene. Coloured with Natural Caramel
with Beef:
Chicken, Pork, Beef (4%), Maize Starch, Wheat Flour, Tapioca Starch, Various Sugars, Minerals and Trace Elements, Vitamins, Salmon, Fish Oil, Animal Protein Powder, Sunflower Oil, Pea Protein Concentrate. Coloured with Iron Oxide and Natural Caramel
with Salmon
Chicken, Pork, Salmon (4%), Maize Starch, Wheat Flour, Tapioca Starch, Various Sugars, Minerals and Trace Elements, Vitamins, Dried Whole Egg, Sunflower Oil, Fish Oil, Animal Protein Powder, Pea Protein Concentrate. Coloured with Natural Caramel

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Carly Branagan

Very good cat food much better then the other brands we have tried and better value for money

Sharon Richardson

My cat has been put on this diet by our vet. I have found that it really helps her, and has helped her gain a little weight. Being able to get it from VetUK is a bonus as it is so much cheaper then our vets. She likes the chicken one best, but will eat the beef as well, although not quite so keen!!

Leslie Day

The vet recommended that we buy this Hills KD Prescription Diet food for our cat with Kidney problems. He's been on this food most of his life now and it's really improved his health.The pouches come in chicken flavour and he really seems to enjoy them. We also buy the KD Hills Prescription dry food which he also loves. Would highly recommend for cats with kidney problems as it's helped our cat no end.

Janet Godfrey

Our cat is 18 and was diagnosed several years ago with kidney problems. On the advice of our Vet, we put him on to the pouches and dried biscuits and he thoroughly enjoys them both, especially the gravy! When he was checked at the Vets recently, we were told that his condition was under control which is excellent news for us. He is in brilliant condition - thick, glossy coat and full of energy. It is lovely to see him in such good health.

Susan Houghton

After our 10 year old cat was diagnosed with kidney failure, our vet recommended a prescription diet. We first tried him with the tinned kd diet, as being more ecomic, but although eating it - rather reluctantly, at first, he then refused it, so we changed to the pouches, which he loves. At his last blood test, his kidney function was almost back to normal.

Jeremy Kitcat

My 17 year old cat has considerable deterioration of her kidneys and the vet recommended Hills KD. When she had some more blood tests about a year after starting on Hills KD the vet said that the results showed that the deterioration had been arrested, or at least slowed. I wish I had known about the diet earlier. I understand that cats are prone to kidney disease after about 10 years old, so I very much recommend starting KD food in good time to give your cat as good a chance as possible.