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Equistro Legaphyton for Horses 900g - From £49.35

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Equistro Legaphyton for Horses 900g

Equistro Legaphyton for Horses 900g big image

Manufacturer: Vetoquinol



Equistro Legaphyton is a pelleted dietetic feeding supplement designed to support the liver function in cases of chronic liver insufficiency in horses.

Containing a readily assimilated silybin and phospholipid association, and highly digestible carbohydrates from Lucerne and Carob, Equistro Legaphyton is particularly recommended for horses under intense training, overfed horses, and ageing horses.

Foals/Ponies: 15g (½ scoop)/day
Horses (500 kg): 30g (1 scoop)/day
To be mixed with a low concentration but high quality protein feed which should be divided into several small meals per day. Advised period of feeding is for an initial period up to 6 months.

Barley Flour, Carob Pod 25%, Lucerne 15%, Sucrose, Pregelatinized Potato Starch, Silibin/Phospholipids 3% (Silibin 1.1% and Phosphatidyl Choline). Source of Proteins and Fibres: Cellulose, Silibin/Phospholipids. Additives/Kg: Thickening and Stabiliser Agents: Cellulose E 460 (Ii) 40000mg

Control Doping:
Before being released on the market, every Legaphyton batches are analysed for environmental contaminant, ensuring that the product does not contain ingredients likely to make a positive doping test.

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