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Royal Canin Urinary S/O Dry Food for Cats

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Manufacturer: Royal Canin

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Royal Canin Urinary S/O Dry Food for Cats is a complete and balanced veterinary diet for cats that has been specially designed to treat kidney stones and bladder problems.

Made with a carefully formulated recipe to help with the dissolution of struvite uroliths, Royal Canin Urinary Vet Diet also helps to reduce the risk of recurrent struvite and calcium oxalate urolithiasis.

Key Benefits:

  • Struvite Dissolution: Effectively dissolves struvite uroliths
  • Urine Dilution: Decreases the urinary concentration of struvite and calcium oxalate crystals, and ensures regular bladder wash-out
  • Low RSS: Low Relative Super Saturation diets encourage an undersaturated urinary environment
  • Low Magnesium: Magnesium is a component of struvite uroliths

Rice, Wheat Gluten, Dehydrated Poultry Protein, Maize Flour, Animal Fats, Maize Gluten, Hydrolysed Animal Proteins, Wheat, Minerals, Vegetable Fibres, Beet Pulp, Fish Oil, Soya Oil, Fructo-Oligosaccharides, Hydrolysed Crustaceans (Source of Glucosamine), Marigold Extract (Source of Lutein)

Nutritional Information:
Crude Ash: 7.2%. Crude Fibre: 2.1%. Crude Oil Fats: 15%. Moisture: 5.5%. Protein: 34.5%

Reviews (6)

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Vic Lockley
July 2017

after advice from 'Uncle Ben', our vet, we put George on Royal Canin Urinary Tract LP34 in an attempt to cure this pernicious complaint. George has never looked back and now lives the carefree life he should.

Lesley Harbron
June 2015

Again my Joey loves Royal Canin food. he had a urine infection hence buying and seems not to have any issues. ie pain when going to the toilet. So hopefully this helped.

Lynne Jewell
July 2012

My cat gets on well with this diet, no problems. Very palatable and my other cat (who doesn't need these biscuits) tries to steal them!

Mrs Ellis
May 2012

I have been using Royal Canin Urinary Feline Dry LP34 to feed my Persian who has reached the grand old age of 20 and is still going strong. She has been on this diet for approximately 15 years since being recommended to me by my vet. I think her great age and continuing good health is due to her diet.

Helen Eyley
May 2012

I started using this for one cat who had crystals then when a second got cystitus due to stress at a cattery I now feed them both with it. To say they love it would be an understatement. They both find it easy to eat and enjoy it.

Stewart Wicklow
April 2012

We use this food a lot in the cattery as we always seem to have at least one boarder who is prone to cystitus/urinary crystals. Sometimes we just add a small portion to the biscuits of cats who aren't drinking enough and it works! The only problem is that it seems to be a little bit on the heavy side where calories are concerned! For very fat cats we tend to use Hills C/D.