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Hills Prescription Diet Metabolic Dog Food Tins (12 x 370g)

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food



Hills Prescription Diet Metabolic Dog Food Tins (12 x 370g) is a complete food designed to aid dogs naturally in weight loss.

Extra weight can impact upon your dog's quality of life and affect the relationship with their family due to reduced play time, restricted mobility and general health problems.

Formulated to work with your dog's unique metabolism, Hills Metabolic Prescription Diet provides all the nutrients and vitamins your dog requires through out weight loss and maintenance.

The food will safely and naturally improve your dog's metabolism, control their hunger and keep them full and satisfied between meals.

This advanced weight solution has been clinically proven to safely provide 28% body fat loss in only 2 months and continued use will avoid any weight regain.

12 x 370g Tins

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Linda Lazenby

The nurse at the vet's recommended this Metabolic food for our dog to lose weight - she did recommend the dried Metabolic as it is cheaper but our dog does not like dried food hence we feed him the wet Metabolic. Our dog loves this Metabolic food although I do put some little bits of cheese on the top but he has lost weight. He had to lose 2.2kg - started on the metabolic June 2016 it is now October and has lost 2kg. It might seem a slow process but the dog needs to lose weight gradually. The downside you could say is the cost but ok if you can afford it. We will continue to feed our dog the Metabolic food even when he is back to his normal weight because we never have a problem with him eating this food whereas over the years have fed him so many different foods which he struggles to eat.