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Seraquin for Cats and Small Dogs 800mg Tablets 60 Tablet Box - From £10.31
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Seraquin for Cats and Small Dogs 800mg Tablets 60 Tablet Box

Seraquin for Cats and Small Dogs 800mg Tablets 60 Tablet Box big image

Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim

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Seraquin for Cats and Small Dogs.

A nutritional supplement to support and maintain normal joint function in Cats and the smaller dog.

Whilst both glucosamine and chondroitin need no introduction as to their beneficial effects, cats are often not thought of as benefiting from their properties.

Use daily for the relief of pain and to increase the mobility of your cat suffering from stiffness and arthritis.


Weight Number of Tablets (Daily)
< 5kg 2 Tablets
5 - 7.5kg 3 Tablets
> 7.5kg 4 Tablets
If the weight of your pet is >10kg use Seraquin for Dogs 2g. Reduce the dose after 4-6 weeks as you see the beneficial effects.

Composition (Per Tablet):
Inactivated Yeast, Glucosamine HCI 125mg, Chondroitin Sulphate 95mg, Hydrolysed Chicken Protein, Maize Starch, Saccharose, Standardised Turmeric Extract 13mg, Maize Protein.

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Paloma Bayolo
May 2021

Could defenitely see an improvement in my cat's mobility within 2-3 weeks and she eats them as treats

Amanda Hawkins
March 2016

Our Siamese cat has arthritis in her leg and loves these tablets - she sees them as a treat, so can recommend these.

Sarah Rushworth
January 2015

My 12 year old cat Monty has been slowly becoming weaker in his back legs for no apparent reason that the vet could find. Poor boy could not even jump up onto our bed anymore and found the stairs a terrible problem to get up and down. Since giving him Seraquin for a month the difference is fantastic. He is stronger in his back legs, can now jump up onto the bed again. This wont cure him completely we know, but has definitely made a positive difference to his quality of life. (much cheaper than getting it at the vets too)

Helen Broome
December 2013

What a difference! Daisy has been through the mill what with pemphigus foliaceus, diabetes, becoming a non diabetic cat and then this year pulling her shoulder jumping from the fence. She is a 12 year old tortoiseshell who thinks she's a kitten! She was limping following pulling her shoulder and after conirming with the vet that there was nothing serious she was still stiff especially when getting up from her bed. I found Seraquin at a great price at VetUK and decided to give it a try. A miracle! Daisy has no signs of limping at all and climbs the fence with ease! I have even noticed Poppy,Daisy's sister, benefits from it too. Both of them have a glossy shiny coat as a bonus since taking seraquin. I'd recommend anyone to give it a try. All testimonials on VetUK sing its praises and that was why I gave it a go!

Arwen Matthews
September 2012

I bought these in desperation just in case they made a difference to my oldest cat who had been diagnosed with arthritis some time ago and had lost all of her joy in life, even refusing food. Having thought she was on her way out I am delighted to say that she not only perked up and became her old happy self, but has even been out mousing again for the first time in years! I crush the tablets and sprinkle one on her breakfast every day now, though at first I was having to give them like an antibiotic as she wouldn't eat. So grateful to have found this product :)

Amanda Hawkins
August 2012

Vet recommended these for our cat - she broke her hip when a kitten and now has arthritis, she's been taking these for some years and we now don't need to give her painkillers.