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Advantage 80 Flea Treatment for Large Cats and Rabbits 4 Pipettes - From £13.00
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Advantage 80 Flea Treatment for Large Cats and Rabbits 4 Pipettes

Advantage 80 Flea Treatment for Large Cats and Rabbits 4 Pipettes big image

Manufacturer: Elanco Animal Health



Advantage 80 Flea Treatment should be used for larger cats and larger rabbits. Each vial contains 0.8 ml (80 mg imidacloprid) and 0.1% butylated hydroxytoluene (E321) as a preservative.

Advantage large cats is indicated for the prevention and control treatment of flea infestations and can be used on kittens aged 8 weeks and older weighing over 4kg. If your cat is under 4Kg please use Advantage Small Cats. Treatment should be applied topically every month.

Advantage 80 large cats and Large Rabbits contains 4 applications providing 4 months protection.

Legal Category:
NFA-VPS | Advantage 80 for Large Cats and Rabbits

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Joshua Essien
February 2024

Fantastic! Bought a bulk order for my 4 cats to last me a year, great price, all with long expiry dates i.e 2028. Delivery took a little longer than expected but was worth the wait!

Sean Poole
January 2024

My cat piggies was always scratching and didn't seem very happy, hiding in garden all day being miserable I tried various flea treatments on her but none seemed to work her skin seamed lumpy ,but since trying this product she's like a new happy contented cat even now spending time indoors, would I recommend YES is the answer !!

Helen Nicholson
January 2024

I have been using Advantage for a few years now with my cats. I find it very effective and easy to use.Unlike Frontline which some fleas are not killed by, it has a different active ingredient which fleas are not immune to, so no fleas.Another advantage (sorry about the pun) is that you don’t need a prescription to buy it. You can buy it without having to visit the vet.

Catherine Johnson
November 2022

Wow, why didn't I try this before. After having an issue with fleas and trying several other products, without success, I thought I'd give advantage a try after reading all the good reviews. Within a couple of hours the fleas started dying and my boy stopped scratching. Would highly recommend to anyone, I certainly won't be using any other product from now on.

Diane Brierley
November 2022

Like others on here, I have used Advantage flea treatments for years, only now I find it pretty ineffective....just like Frontline. I have 3 cats..2 going out & one indoor, but all of them still have live fleas 3 weeks after treatment. I use a flea comb too & have treated the house & sofas ,carpets, blankets beds etc.It is recommended by vets & you need a vet prescription to buy it ( at extra cost) but now it is not worth the expense. Just buy ordinary over the counter products without the expense of paying for a prescription as well as the product. Use a Flea comb, it's more effective than all the products you can buy.

Nicki Cuckow
November 2022

Oh my god this stuff is AMAZING!!. I've been using Frontline forever and a day but the fleas have become immune to it or something. So after lots of repeat treatments , meaning my wallet was getting seriously emptied, I decided to take the plunge and try something else. Step forward Advantage.... Well I treated my flea infested cats( where the hell are they coming from??!!), and boom, fleas were dying left right and centre!!. Now I knew my one cat had a few but as I was only getting a couple every now and again but he was obsessively licking,I thought he had a skin infection and was only doing this to tick treatment off the list before a visit to the vet!!. I was shocked to see dying fleas where he'd been lying but there they were!. My other cat had no such problem so I'm glad one of them was ok!!. This is cheaper than Frontline and works so much better so what's the point of dithering!!! Buy Advantage!. I will be from now on!!