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Adaptil Calm Refill 48ml (30 days) - From £21.19
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Adaptil Calm Refill 48ml (30 days)

Adaptil Calm Refill 48ml (30 days) big image
Adaptil Calm Refill 48ml (30 days) thumbnail Adaptil Calm Refill 48ml (30 days) thumbnail Adaptil Calm Refill 48ml (30 days) thumbnail Adaptil Calm Refill 48ml (30 days) thumbnail

Manufacturer: Ceva



The Adaptil Calm Refill has been designed to reduce stress, anxiety and associated anti-social behaviour in all breeds of dogs. It can also help dogs overcome fear of travel.

Dogs are social animals and can suffer from separation anxiety resulting in undesirable behaviours which manifests itself as restlessness, excessive whining and barking and adult destructive chewing and house soiling.

Adaptil Calm mimics the properties of the natural pheromones of the lactating female. By replicating this signal of comfort, it helps alleviate fear and stress related signs in the puppy and adult dog.

Adaptil Calm has no smell and is odourless to humans when dry.

Each 48ml Refill should last 30 days and cover an area up to 70m2

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Michelle Griffiths
January 2013

I have one of the Adaptil diffusers on the go all of the time for my nervy German Shepherd, if we go away, we take it with us + since it has become a permanent thing, she seems much calmer and chilled and her nervous tummy seems much better as well - I think it is great + would definately recommend giving them a go!

Amanda Hawkins
August 2012

Wow! adaptil is amazing. We had to move to rented accommodation when we sold our house and he was as quiet as a mouse and didn't chew anything or soil anywhere - prior to using Adaptil he chewed everything in site at our old house! We since moved into our new home and still no problems :-)

Sharon Gilks
April 2012

I have nervous old dog and thought i would try adaptil, it didn't work at all with him, in fact it seemed to make him worse.

Jenna Fleet
October 2010

I have used adaptil for the past 2 years now to help my dog cope with Fireworks. While I belive adaptil makes a differance to her over all anxity she would still react to the lound ones.

Joanne Barber
January 2008

Read about Adaptil on this site and others, this is the best value site I've found though! and rather then wait to have it delivered I brought it from my vet, and paid through the nose, I was desperate! We've been plugged in a week now and wow, really, this along with my old dressing gown has really seemed to make a huge difference, have also for a couple of months been training (5 and 12 YO chinese cresteds)I will be making a order, give it a try...

Lorna Hide
July 2007

Whilst I am glad that Adaptil works wonders for some dogs, it is not a quick fix for all dogs. There was absolutely no noticeable change in the behaviour or level of anxiety suffered by my rescued Staffy X who has separation issues and the only way I've been able to help her is through sheer hard work and lots of advice from a local obedience trainer who has lots of experience in dog psychology. Sometimes there is no easy option but its definitely worth a try!!