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Zylkene Capsules for Cats and Dogs - From £11.29
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Zylkene Capsules for Cats and Dogs

Zylkene Capsules for Cats and Dogs big image
Zylkene Capsules for Cats and Dogs thumbnail Zylkene Capsules for Cats and Dogs thumbnail Zylkene Capsules for Cats and Dogs thumbnail Zylkene Capsules for Cats and Dogs thumbnail Zylkene Capsules for Cats and Dogs thumbnail Zylkene Capsules for Cats and Dogs thumbnail Zylkene Capsules for Cats and Dogs thumbnail

Manufacturer: Vetoquinol

From: £11.29
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100 x 450mg



Zylkene Capsules for Cats and Dogs contain a natural ingredient derived from a protein in milk called casein that has clinically proven calming properties to help relax cats and dogs.

The peptide (protein) molecule delivers a calming message to the brain via the body's natural messenger system called neurotransmitters, and is perfect for helping pets cope when facing unusual and unpredictable situations, or before occasions such a change in their normal environment.

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes Pet Relaxation: Helps your pet cope using a natural ingredient
  • Non-Drowsy: Casein is a natural protein in milk that doesn’t have a sedative effect
  • Easy to Give: Available in capsules that can be given whole or sprinkled over food

Dosage Guide:
Short Term Use: Begin use 1-2 days before the predicted stressful event or change in environment
Longer Term Use: Use for 1 month then reassess their behaviour, continue if needed
The capsule can be opened, and the powder can be mixed with food

Maltodextrin (Cats & Small Dogs only), Casein (Trypsin hydrolysed bovine casein), Magnesium Stearate. Capsule: Bovine Skin Gelatin

Reviews (19)

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Lisa Tong
January 2023

We have used zylkene for years now for bonfire night and the Christmas and New year period. It works on all 3 of our cats as long as you start administering it a week before.

Tim Hardyman
January 2023

Really calms our cat down. She was compulsively licking her fur away, but since using this she's stopped

Keith Lord
December 2021

Absolutely no effect on a medium or higher energy dog.

Carrie Holden
September 2019

Zylkene is excellent and works really well for my very nervous ex stray cat. I've been feeding him for 7 years, it took 2 years for him to allow me to stroke just his head & 4 years to feel confident enough to stay indoors, but he still has to have the interior doors open to this day otherwise he panics & wants to go back outside. Even after 7 years of knowing me, he still often flinches when I attempt to stroke him-I dread to think what's happened to him in his past. Zylkene has helped to calm him, I've mainly used it when a vet appointment is due, as he hates enclosed spaces, so a cat carrier is his worst nightmare & he hates travelling in the car & bus. I sprinkle Zylkene in his food 2-3 days before the visit & it really helps to calm him during the travel, he used to vomit, urinate & defecate & spend the whole time in the car or bus desperately trying to claw his way out of the carrier, it was very upsetting & stressful for us both. Now with taking Zylkene, it's only a struggle & panic for him getting him in the carrier, which I hate, but has to be done, but once in the carrier, he settles down, no emptying of bodily fluids & no desperate clawing to get out which is a huge relief to me. I also place a blanket over the carrier so he can't see out, which helps calm him too. I've now started to give him just the one capsule of Zylkene each day (he can have 2) to see if it will calm his nervousness on a daily basis. (I used to use the Beaphar calming cat treats with Valerian which were excellent & really effective, but they changed the recipe using less chicken flavour & none of my cats will eat them, which is very annoying when they change a good product which works). I would definitely recommend Zylkene, it's a natural ingredient from milk, so it's not going to harm their natural bodily systems.

Christine Halliwell
August 2017

I have a very skittish cat who is scared of his own shadow at times but it is currently our youngest cat that scares the life out of him for no apparent reason except he doesn't like change. I gave him a single dose of Zylkene this morning and tonight he was back to his old self. I can't think of anything that calms quite like this product and I've been using it for years.

Christine Stalker
July 2017

Zylkene is an excellent product. I give it to my cats when travelling in the car and also when I introduced a kitten to my adult cats. It does not make them sleepy, it just helps them to feel calm and secure. It can be given by mouth or added to food.