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Advantage 400 Flea Treatment for Dogs 4 Pipettes - From £13.49
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Advantage 400 Flea Treatment for Dogs 4 Pipettes

Advantage 400 Flea Treatment for Dogs 4 Pipettes big image

Manufacturer: Elanco Animal Health



Advantage 400 Flea Treatment for dogs contains 4.0 ml (400 mg imidacloprid) and 0.1% butylated hydroxytoluene (E321) as a preservative.

Indicated for the prevention and control treatment of flea infestations and can be used on dogs and puppies aged 7 weeks and older weighing between 25-40kg. Treatment should be applied topically every month.

Advantage 400 for dogs contains 4 applications providing 4 months protection.

Legal Category:
NFA-VPS | Advantage 400 for Dogs

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Susan Shanks
April 2024

best flea treatmemt you van buy over a long time i have tried all of them but this one beats them all

Alan Tomlin
August 2020

This is the only flea treatment that works, advantage do's what it says on the packet.

Julie Green
July 2019

I have tried a number of products and still could not clear the fleas. I ordered this and am very happy it has cleared them will be ordering more of it from vetuk good product at a good price.

Sara Bolton
October 2018

Fantastic Result! I've been using Frontline for many years and it seems to have stopped working. My poor dog was miserable with fleas. I struggled to keep him flea free using a flea comb, spraying everywhere and boiling everything until enough time had lapsed to safely apply Advantage. What a relief for both of us, the nightmare came to an end within 24 hours of application! Not a flea in sight! Would highly recommend this product to anyone!

Susan Lee
July 2017

This has been the best flea treatment I have tried,having suffered for months and spending a lot of money .Great.

David Kelly
June 2017

I used to use the recommended advertised brainwashed garbage FL on my dog and cats an they all seemed to have problems in one way or another and had one cat who developed a bald patch at the base or her tail and many expensive vet visits later from being diagnosed with OCD, Dermatitis was down the the overrated recommended product by my Vet that just wasnt working at all and took me to go to an emergency vets who recommended to give Advantage a try and that was 4 years ago and never looked back or been back to my old Vets. All problems cleared up in my cat and all my other pets are a lot more comfortable. Recomend to anyone have similar issues and rate it better than other leading brands.