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Advantage 40 Flea Treatment for Small Cats / Small Dogs / Rabbits 4 Pipettes

Advantage 40 Flea Treatment for Small Cats / Small Dogs / Rabbits 4 Pipettes big image
Advantage 40 Flea Treatment for Small Cats / Small Dogs / Rabbits 4 Pipettes thumbnail

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Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health



Advantage 40 Flea Treatment should be used for smaller cats, small dogs and rabbits. Each pipette contains 0.4 ml (40 mg imidacloprid) and 0.1% butylated hydroxytoluene (E321) as a preservative.

Indicated for the prevention and control treatment of flea infestations and can be used on kittens aged 8 weeks and older. If your rabbit or cat is over 4 Kg please use Advantage Large Cats, if your dog is over 4Kg please use Advantage for Dogs.

Treatment should be applied topically every month. Advantage 40 for Small Cats, Small Dogs and Rabbits contains 4 applications providing 4 months protection.

Legal Category:
NFA-VPS | Advantage 40 for Small Cats, Small Dogs and Rabbits

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Angela Arnott

Love vetsuk they are always cheaper I use these all the time and would never use anything else.

Angela Baker

these work great i wont use others after these i used to use another brand frontline but it didnt work, these do the job great and the price is really good ,these help as well if they have a flea allergy it helps them so much, i do lot TNR for lots of different charities and am on benefits so price is essential to me and my own cats as well as the ones i help, and i found that these are great for the job easy to use and work really well, i mean you get 4 pipettes in the box all for the low price of under a tenner when its back to normal, whats not to love about them they do the job great at killing those pesky fleas and really quick as well and helps if they have a flea allergy and are loosing fur, i defo recommend these to others who like me on a tight budget but want the best flea treatment for their loved fur babies at a great price from a great site check them out and see for yourself

Anna Howram

Works very well, easy to use, cheaper here than anywhere else.

Ian Leigh

Used Frontline and frontline plus. Did nothing. Fleas were everywhere. Literally would kill 10 off yr feet walking up the stairs. Horrible in a very clean home. Used this based on reviews from others before concidering vet trip and pesticides. Was not dissapointed. Literally after 1 day all 4 cats looked clear. Not seen any on ourselves either. Will do 2nd treatment to make sure all gone before winter sets in. Would 100% recommend.

Sharon Lacey

I've tried most flea treatments but this is the best I've found. Great price and quick delivery, I now have 6 happy, flea free cats :)

Andy Gambino

Wow after reading all the positive reviews on this and other web sites for Advantage Spot On Flea Treatment I decided to give it a try due to the fact that Frontline had stopped being effective. My cat did have fleas and i have been battling them for the past few weeks using over the counter Bob martin and Frontline treatment and both totally ineffective. I applied one pipette of this this morning and already my cat an me a very happy. I highly recommend this treatment over any others