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Viacutan Plus 95ml EFA Liquid Pump

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Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim



Viacutan Plus Liquid Pump contains Essential fatty acids, nutrients which cannot be made in the body and have to be provided in the diet. They are essential for the formation of new cells and to keep the skin in good condition.

Viacutan Plus Liquid Pump uses the Borage oil GLA (gamma linolenic acid) essential fatty acid and is a balanced combination of plant and fish oils.

This provides a very high level of biologically active GLA and is used as a dietary supplement to help skin conditions in dogs and cats.

Viacutin administration: 1 -2 pumps per 10Kg body weight daily.

Ingredients per 0.6ml (equivalent to 1 pump dispersal):
Vegetable oil (borage oil), fish oil, turmeric extract 3000 ppm, green tea extract 1500 ppm and additives - (tocopherol of natural origin)

Reviews Overall rating: (4.3 of 5)

Elizabeth Shepherd

The vet recommended this for my Norwegian Forest Cat when he had dry skin; he eats only dried food by choice and is on a light diet to try and manage his weight; on the low fat diet his skin became dry and flaky and his coat felt dry and dull. After using Viacutan for a few weeks his coat was beautiful, when we stopped the product his skin and coat deteriorated again and now I am using it on his food every day (one pump on his biscuits, he leaves these biscuits till last). I am now going to start using on my Finnish Lapphund to keep his coat glossy. The product is pricey, but much less pricey from Vet UK!

Kathryn Galvin

My 3 year old Golden retriever has Ichthyosis, a rare gentic skin condition causing flaky dry skin. She has been on Viacutan since she was a puppy and it really helps keep her skin and coat from being too dry. She also has a dermocanis shampoo bath every week and her skin and coat are almost flake free and comfortable!

Caroline Carr

My 3 year old Goldie has dry flakey skin which falls like dandruff when brushed. We have tried a few remedies from the vet and nothing works. So I thought based on the reviews i would try this. After 6 weeks on the max dose there was a slight improvement in his skin but it hasn't completely gone away. It certainly wasn't a miracle cure but I'll keep using it until I find something better.

June Vaughan

I tried this on my Bassett hound who has very greasy and itchy skin and it made no difference at all - used the whole bottle and no difference.

Carol Williams

I can't say enough about this product. One of our cats was over grooming and his fur was very harsh. My vet recommended Viacutan. Within weeks his coat was soft and silky. I also have Maine Coon cats and I give it to them too, I now have five cats with beautiful soft fur. I find that as our cats eat dry food its easier to apply to my fingertip and rub it around the cats mouths. They then lick it off themselves.

Lottie Fryer

Our Wire Haired Jack Russell has arthritis in his hips and back and isn't yet 2 years old, he has been on this product along with Seraquin for 5 months now and is so much better for it. His coat is beautifully glossy too. I highly recommend this product. It has help our dog no end.

Leslie Ashton

Our pet Border / Lakeland cross terrier was finally diagnosed with an allergy to House Dust Mite (after much expense and time). Symptoms were ulcers on the pads and paws crumbling and splitting. This product has cleared the ulcers (a short gap in giving Viacutan and they started to return). It was Vet recommended, although the actual 'cure' is to limit exposure to the Dust Mites; Easier said than done. Apparently the oil mops up the enzymes produced by the allergic reaction, that attack the feet. Claws are slowly improving, but still far from OK after 18 months. Anyway, we are very pleased that the ulcers are kept at bay.

Archibald Smith

This product was recommended by the vet and it has cleared my border collies skin up brilliantly. He seems to suffer from allergies and this stuff is the best!

Miss Dee Clements

This product has really helped the dry and itchy condition of my GSD's skin due to his sebaceous adenitis. He is so much more comfortable in his own skin.

Susan Hughes

A good product that was recommended by my vet. My dogs' coats are shiny and all dryness and itching has disappeared. I could see the difference in them within a couple of weeks.