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Senior Aid Ageing Multivitamin Supplement 250ml - From £18.28
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Senior Aid Ageing Multivitamin Supplement 250ml

Senior Aid Ageing Multivitamin Supplement 250ml big image

Manufacturer: SwedenCare UK Ltd



Senior Aid Ageing Multivitamin Supplement contain a full complement of vitamins and minerals to ensure optimum health and brain ageing in older dogs and cats.

Senior Aid has been scientifically formulated with key ingredients that each play their own individual role in helping to slow the ageing process.


Weight of Pet Daily Amount
Under 5kg 2.5ml Daily (1 Pump)
5 - 10kg 5ml Daily (2 Pumps)
10 - 20kg 10ml Daily (4 Pumps)
20 - 30kg 15ml Daily (6 Pumps)
Over 30kg 20ml Daily (8 Pumps)

Composition (per Pump):
Dextrose, Cane Molasses, Sorbitol, Glucosamine HCL 75mg, Chondroitin Sulphate 30mg, Omega3 9mg (EPA 30mg / DHA 15mg), Beta Glucan 1.7mg

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Susanne Mason
June 2016

Our 2 labs (15 and 11 years old) have been receiving this product, and I'm sure it has helped them a lot to keep in good health. Minerals, Vitamins - everything an ageing pet needs much more than a younger one!

Chris Clarke
February 2008

Purchased for our 17 year old cat, Monty. Within a few weeks he seemed brighter and had more energy for an old boy. I would recommend as I do not think normal cat foods provide all the essential vits/mins needed, especially for an older pet as their health requirement alter as they get older!! We have 5 cats, and I now give them all Senior Aid as an extra Vit/Min Boost, instead of buying lots of different products. It has a nice caramel flavour which none of the cats dislike. Pump dispenser is great, no dribbley mess, all measured for you, no faffing about, so cats are not aware they are having a dose, and no pet stress!!!! All our cats are fit and healthy with beautiful shiny coats and I am sure Senior Aid is a contributing factor........