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Beaphar Calming Cat Treats 35g

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Manufacturer: Beaphar



Beaphar Calming Cat Treats have been formulated to reduce anxiety in cat; especially those who are sensitive to changes in their environment.

Delicious and meaty, the treats contain Valerian, Hop Flowers and the herb Melissa which are a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals to promote relaxation, restore calmness and relieve anxiety.

For on-going results, give your cat two treats per day. Alternatively the treats can be given 1.5 hours before a potentially stressful situation. Treats can be given at 3-hourly intervals across the day and no more than 6 treats can be given in a single day.

35g Pack

Reviews Overall rating: (4.4 of 5)

Gill Bate-jones

Love this product (or at least - my cats do and I suppose that therefore I do too!) Had spotted them first prior to bonfire night and found that these treats coupled with the spot-on calmer from Beaphar seemed to really make a difference. Was also trying to introduce a new cat into the house so then just carried on using them. Have found that VetUK have them at by far the best price of anywhere and now order at regular intervals. Previously had two very nervous cats and the new one was a bit hyper and annoyed the others but now - with a regular 'treat' of these on a daily basis it is a much calmer household. So pleased to have found them - and at such a great price.

Fiona E Dryden

this is a good product and had a definite positive effect on my nervous cat. Plus she loves them. In particularly stressful situations I also use Feliway difusers and a larger dose of these cat treats.

Victoria Highgate

I had a very sensitive cat, (sadly he has recently and suddenly passed away) He was stressed by neighbours cat. I gave him 2 of these a day and they seemed to work for him. He was much calmer and happier. They didn't calm him enough to take him to the vet though.

Heather Elvidge

My anxious longhaired cat loves these treats, and on three a day he is much calmer. A happier cat, and a relieved owner.

Helen Hawkins

Received order on time. Cats seem to like the treats so hoping will notice a calming difference soon.