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Catac Pill Giver - From £8.27
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Catac Pill Giver

Catac Pill Giver big image

Manufacturer: Catac



The Catac Pill Giver is an easy way to give your pet their pills or capsules without any fuss.

Made from white moulded plastic with a central plunger, the device divides at one end to hold the tablet securely. It can then be positioned at the back of your pet’s throat and released where it should not be possible for it to be spat out.

It is the ideal tool to ensure a job well done!

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Dinah Dayus
September 2020

My 23 yrar old cat has one cannine tooth left. He has to have lots of pills for his kidneys. You would be astonished how many times he has bitten my fingers as I tried to give him pills with that one tooth, that is now nearly transparent with age but as sharp as a needle. This product has saved our relationship, other wise I would have got a court injunction on the old devil for biting me. I have just bought a replacement for my old pill giver, which vanished last week, I suspect carried away and hidden behind a cupboard somewhere.