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Johnsons 4Fleas Cat and Kitten Tablets - From £4.68
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Johnsons 4Fleas Cat and Kitten Tablets

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Manufacturer: Johnsons

From: £4.68
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Johnsons 4Fleas tablets are an easy to use oral treatment to kill adult fleas on cats and kittens over 4 weeks of age, between 1kg and 11kg.

Effects on the fleas can be seen as soon as 15 minutes after administration. Between 95% and 100% efficacy is observed within the first 6 hours after administration and complete efficacy is reached within 24 hours.

Each tablet contains 11.4mg Nitenpyram - the exact same ingredient as the veterinary product Capstar.

Directions: Johnsons 4Fleas can be given directly into the mouth or may be mixed in a small portion of food. Administer one tablet on any day when fleas are seen on your pet. Do not give more than one tablet a day.

1 tablet per 1 - 11Kg of bodyweight over 4 weeks of age.

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Wayne Smith
December 2021

Great product used it on our two cats, we tried other products but this works the best. Has helped keep the flea numbers down in the house, we still have to spray and vacuum the house to keep on top of the fleas but this product definitely works for our cats

August 2018

This product does what it says. I gave it to my two cats and with the first two hours I was finding dead and dying fleas falling off them. The cats themselves had a bit of a groom and a scratch but were otherwise unaffected. They don't get your cat 'high' or affect the cat's brain/mind in any way. The only reason the animal reacts is because the fleas start going round in circles in their fur which must be a drag. I am not stupid enough to think that if I do not 100% sterilize my home and make sure that all the eggs are vacuumed up my cat will be flea-free for months on end. I know now that after the tablets do THEIR job and rid my animals of the adult fleas, I must now do MY job and clean up all potential future fleas from hatching and making a new home on my pets. This product is fantastic for ridding a animal of fleas instantly. I think if you want to use this product with Frontline it will also help future fleas from reinfecting your animal. It's cheap and it works.

Helen Gorton
March 2014

Works, killed fleas with in 4hours but 3weeks later the fleas are back.

Caroline Walsh
January 2014

After using Capstar it was recommended that I used this product as it was cheaper but just as good. Unfortunately I found it to be completely uneffective so am now going back to Capstar

Laura Mcintyre
December 2012

Absolutely fantastic product. I would highly recommend this as part of your flea eradication treatment. Reasonably easy to administer, 2 cats & 1 scratch, much less bloodshed that bathing :) The cats had no side-effects aside from a bit of scratching for approx 10 minutes while the fleas went mad. Will be using again if there's another flea epidemic in our house.