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Hibiscrub Antiseptic Solution - From £7.99

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Hibiscrub Antiseptic Solution

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Manufacturer: Unichem

From: £7.99
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250ml Bottle


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Hibiscrub Antiseptic Solution is an antimicrobial preparation containing the active ingredient Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4% w/v used for pre-operative surgical hand disinfection, antiseptic handwashing in hospitals and care homes.

It is also used for pre-operative and post-operative skin antisepsis. Patients can therefore bath or shower (applied undiluted, rather like a shower gel) prior to surgery and include this as part of their post-operative care regime.

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Simon Flach
September 2021

We always keep Hibiscrub in the house, with dogs.Brilliant for minor abrasions, using as a medicated shampoo. When you have 2 big dogs that like to play, usually ending in the odd cut or scrape. This stuff is invaluable and saves an expensive visit to the Vets.

Linda Morgan
April 2013

I have used Hibiscrub for many years and have no problem with the product. Just wanted to point out when ordering please be aware of the size you are ordering. I thought I was ordering the 500ml at £7.74 but when the order came I had ordered the 250 ml for £12.00? Not sure why this is such a price difference for less product. This was my fault but wanted to point this out to people.

Kim Whitehead
April 2012

This is a good price for Hibiscrub which surprisingly I failed to find in the local chemist! This is a very useful product which sadly seems to be falling out of favour in the shops. I use this on my own dog to treat topical issues such as "hot spots" caused by his flea bite allergy.