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Science Selective Vetcare Plus Urinary Tract Health Formula 1.5kg - From £17.54
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Science Selective Vetcare Plus Urinary Tract Health Formula 1.5kg

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Manufacturer: Supreme Pet Foods



Science Selective Vetcare Plus Urinary Tract Health Formula provides a nutritionally complete and balanced daily Monoforage diet for rabbits.

Formulated with Timothy Hay and fortified with ingredients that are beneficial to the urinary tract system, Vetcare Plus Urinary Tract Health offers a high content of a low calcium source of fibre, and is suitable for long term feeding of rabbits that are susceptible to urinary tract disorders.

The formula also contains a generous blend of cranberries and blueberries that provide antioxidants to further help maintain urinary tract health.

Ground Timothy Hay, Soybean Meal, Ground Peas, Oat Flakes, Dried Alfalfa Protein Concentrate, Linseed 1.5%, Locust Bean Meal, Dried Echinacea 1%, Dried Dandelion 1%, Dried Nettle, Soya Oil, Dried Cranberries 0.25%, Dried Blueberries 0.25%, Calcium Carbonate

Analytical Constituents:
Protein 14.0%, Crude Fibre 28.0%, Fat Content 3.5%, Crude Ash 7.5%, Calcium 0.5%, Sodium 0.3%, Phosphorus 0.4%

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Catherine Lester
March 2022

I've been buying this food for 6 years for my rabbits and have been really happy with it, until the recent redesign of the packaging. The prior packaging was a plastic bag inside of a cardboard box, which were easily stored and recycled. The new packaging is a very bulky hard plastic tub. Not only is this less recyclable but my order arrived with one of these tubs cracked, and food had spilled everywhere inside of the large outer box. This would be a 5 star product if not for what seem like completely unnecessary and unsustainable changes to the packaging.

Lynda Gilbert
February 2019

Phoebe our Lionhead had to have emergency treatment for bladder sludge and an infection, since then, we've been giving her this formula with her usual hay and a low calcium veggie diet with minimal pellets and so far she's had no problems with her bladder. She absolutely loves the stuff, even breaking into the box and stealing some when we've not been looking. Highly recommend.

Sarah Keerie
February 2019

Our boy bunny (Duke) had problems with peeing come on and had to have an emergency bladder stone removal. His bladder was apparently not very happy and he had sludge. He has been on these along with his usual greens (minimal pellets) diet and he can now 'pee for England'! Duke is a happy bunny. He took to the sticks straight away and we will continue him on these. His bunny buddies, also like them.

Sophie Chambers
September 2013

I bought this on recommendation from my vet as both bunnies were drinking and urinating a lot. Within a month both bunnies were drinking less but had lost 50% of their body weight. I took both to the vet and one bunny had to be put down on the spot due to kidney failure. The other is much better now I have switched back to the old food (although he's drinking and urinating a lot again). The vet was sure that the weight loss and kidney failure was due to a change in environment - only 2 things had changed, this food and a different litter, so I can only put it down to one of thos (will be leaving a similar review on the litter page). I'm sure it works for some bunnies, but please keep an eye on their weight.

Ian Bowmaker
May 2013

Our female mini-lop house rabbit had been suffering with scour and sludgy urine for ages. This was leaving her with a messy, sore underside and she was dropping spots of wee all over the house, much to the detriment of our carpets. Our vet couldn't offer any magic solutions and advised we control her diet to greens, a low calcium pellet and hay. We chanced across this product via the internet and decided to try it in May 2012. Both the bunny in question and her partner were not that keen to start with but soon started to clear the recommended daily quantity (we just leave it down and they eat it up over the course of the day). The transformation was amazing. Within a couple of days the sludgy wee had cleared up, with no more spotting around the house, and a few days later her sore underside was much, much better. A year on they are still on the product and there has been no recurrence, she is as clean as a whistle and a much more contented bun. Her weight is stable and she had has no digestive nor urinary problems. Her male partner is doing fine on the same diet.

Ursula Mitchell
March 2013

I have one bunny with bladder and urinary tract issues and she has recently been operated on for bladder sludge. Being constantly wet, sore with urine scald, soiled in her own mess and also on antibiotics regularly, I ordered this food to try on recommendation from the vet, and a previous rave review. It's a bit of a disappointment as it smells lovely, but is very dry, in the form of sticks, and not one of my three rabbits will eat it. It's bizarre, as they will eat all of the ingredients separately and love hay and cranberries. I have resorted to crushing the sticks and then mixing the powdered form with some water softened Excel pellets (they love those pellets wet!) and a little mushed banana, as I am determined to use it all up. That seems to work and she will eat it! On a separate note, after all this, I came to the conclusion that my rabbit's urinary issues may have been exacerbated by intimidation and mild bullying from another female bunny, so by a trial of separating them, the problem has almost cleared up over night and she is now clean and dry! If you have a rabbit with incontinence/bladder and bowl issues, consider stress as a possibility first.