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Protexin Pro-Fibre for Rabbits 800g - From £13.88
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Protexin Pro-Fibre for Rabbits 800g

Protexin Pro-Fibre for Rabbits 800g big image

Manufacturer: Protexin Veterinary



Protexin ProFibre is a pelleted product for addition to the daily food of rabbits containing fibre from several sources.

Many modern diets and methods of feeding often leave the rabbit with insufficient fibre in its diet which may lead to alimentary problems, especially in the hind gut.

The beneficial microorganisms contained in Protexin Pro Fibre occur naturally in the gut of all healthy animals. Probiotics colonise the gut and help exclude potentially pathogenic bacteria.

The fibre content of Pro-Fibre is multi-sourced and comprises both digestible and indigestible components.

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Susan Graham
June 2018

Really works i have eleven year old blind rabbit who has had constant loose stools none since used Pro-Fibre

Kelly Abrahall
October 2016

My rabbit suffers with regular bouts of gas which I'm sure is a contribution of many things (greens, not enough water, not enough fibre). So in an effort to boost his fibre content I took a chance on these thinking he'd hate them and I'd still be lost trying to help him. Turns out its the reverse, he adores them and begs for a scoop like clockwork every morning. So I'll continue to feed him this in the hope it makes a difference to his digestion.

Sarah Scrase
August 2015

In spite of a very good diet, my Netherland dwarf rabbit developed GI stasis this summer. I read some great reviews for this product and have since replaced half of his daily nugget feed with Pro Fibre. Not only are his insides working better than ever, he absolutely LOVES the pellets and gets very excited at meal times. It isn't cheap - Vet UK offers the best price - but worth the peace of mind.

Lea Roberts
July 2015

Great price for this product. My bunnies get a few pellets in with their normal food to make sure their digestive systems stay on track. Both eat it no problem but one of my bunnies absolutely loves it and practically eats it out of my hand as I'm putting it in her bowl. Have been using it for months and the rabbits haven't had any digestive problems either so I'm really impressed with this product.

Diane Reyniers
March 2015

I use these as regular pellets as my bunny has digestion problems. Consistently good quality.

Tracey Dent
February 2013

only received this today but my bunny, Parsley loves it and will eat it out of my hand! I am giving a little to him every day to help his tummy keep healthy as he is prone to GI Stasis.