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Fibafirst Monoforage Feed for Rabbits 2kg - From £13.44
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Fibafirst Monoforage Feed for Rabbits 2kg

Fibafirst Monoforage Feed for Rabbits 2kg big image

Manufacturer: Supreme Pet Foods



Fibafirst Monoforage Feed for Rabbits is a high fibre diet that satisfies the natural nutritional and physiological needs of your rabbits.

It is vital that rabbits are able to forage and chew, and with its unique appearance and texture, Fibafirst is much closer to the diet of an animal in the wild.

Longer particle fibres and a larger portion size extends your rabbits' feeding time, promoting dental and digestive health, and enhances their emotional enrichment.

Timothy hay, alfalfa stalks, wheat meal, soybean meal, ground peas, locust bean meal, alfalfa protein extract, flaked oats, linseed, soya oil, vitamin A 15000 IU, vitamin D3 1500 IU, vitamin E 60mg

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Andrea Howson
August 2023

These are great for bunnies 😍 good all round treats or snacks

Verity Moore
August 2017

All my rabbits have loved these 'hay sticks' as I call them. I usually give as a healthy treat in the morning and evening. My one rabbit runs around with hers and then tries to steal our other rabbits one off him as well. It's good that they are high in fibre and adds something different to their diet to help with their dental health.

Kelly Abrahall
October 2016

My rabbits seem really happy to keep eating these. I use them in conjunction with a low pellet and lots of hay diet and find they are a really good way to boost fibre.

Suzanne Rooke
August 2016

Used these for over 18months, all my buns love them. Just something different so they get a stick or two for breakfast hay throughout the day and then either veg or pellets. Great way of adding variety to a buns diet

Anna Gorrie
October 2015

Both my rabbits really enjoyed this food for the year I was buying it. The long shape seems to help with their teeth, and seemed to encourage one of my rabbits to eat more hay! However, compared to other brands of pellets, the box recommends feeding quite a lot per day to meet their nutritional requirements. I prefer to keep pellets as a small part of their diet, so I have now changed brands.

Lea Roberts
July 2015

In my house this product is like the rabbit equivalent of Marmite. One bunny loves it and eats it straight away whilst the other bunny ignores it and eats everything else instead.