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Burgess Excel Adult Rabbit Nuggets with Mint

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Manufacturer: Burgess Pet Care

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Burgess Excel Adult Rabbit Nuggets with Mint is a delicious rabbit food made up of nutritionally balanced nuggets and is ideal for adult rabbits.

Excel Rabbit nuggets provide a wholesome balanced diet in every mouthful to prevent selective feeding.

Contains anti-oxidants to help support the immune system and aid the body's natural defences.

High fibre content, essential to maintain the digestive system.

Contains a prebiotic to help promote a healthy tummy.

Grass Meal, Wheat, Wheat Feed, Oat Feed, Soya Bean Hulls, Yeast, Lucerne, Mint, Molasses, Limestone, Soya Oil, Ligno-cellulose, Egg Shells, Short Chain Fructo-oligosaccharides 0.25%, Salt, Minerals.

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Fay Forrest

My buns had the burgess junior with mint and I've put them on the adult burgess with mint . Recommended by the vets my bunnies go to for check ups . My 2 bunnies are very healthy and thriving on this food . I would recommend this food as my bunnies are doing so well on it .

Marko Rajamaki

Luckily we found VetUK 'cos here in Finland Burgess Excel availability is nowadays almost zero. This Excel Mint for Adult rabbits is only which our bunnies accept. And their stomachs stay in good condition!

Kirsty Maciver

I've used these pellets with all of my bunnies and they have all loved it! It's a good quality, high protein pellet that prevents selective feeding however was a little rich for my previous bunny Lily, when she was a little older and I had to switch her to science selective pelets (Although the Burgess pellets were still her favourite!).

Penny Kingsley

Trying for ages without success to wean my rescue bunnies off not-so-good dry food..this did it within 2 days!

Eilis Power

I have used this for many years. All rabbits like it and it prevents selective feeding. The price on here is good too.

Rosie Mcroberts

we have used this food for our last2 rabbits and the sixteen rabbits we currently have, including the oldest rabbit who has no front teeth, they're all doing great on it and we woudln't use anything else.