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Royal Canin VCN Pediatric Starter Mousse 12 x 195g

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Manufacturer: Royal Canin



Royal Canin VCN Pediatric Starter Mousse is used for weaning puppies up to 2 months and for the breeding bitches during the last 3 weeks of gestation and throughout lactation.

The high energy density enables a smaller amount of food to be given per meal and decreases the intestinal workload and compensates for the low stomach capacity in puppies and bitches in the last 3rd of gestation.

This delicious starter mousse contains high contents of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Luteine and Taurine to support natural defences in growing puppies.

12 x 195g

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Jackie Farrell

Fantasic weaning food, all my puppys love this, very easy to use and no waste

Louise Withers

Great all round, puppys love it and easy on everyone's tummys

Sarah Dinsley

I have brought up 4 litters on this and it is fantastic! No upset tums at all, a great first food, they all love it, well worth the money.

Debi Manford

Whilst I recognise this is a very good brand of food, I was expecting more from it. I gave my puppy this when he was 6 weeks old & not eating much. I gradually introduced it into his diet over 5 days, but it just went right through him! I am now left with 11 tins of unopened, unwanted tins, ( I already had 2 tins & I had used them first) that weren't cheap. Disappointed with the result.