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Vitapet Moult Formula and Coat Conditioner 400ml - From £8.36
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Vitapet Moult Formula and Coat Conditioner 400ml

Vitapet Moult Formula and Coat Conditioner 400ml big image

Manufacturer: Bob Martin



Vitapet Moult Formula and Coat Conditioner helps reduce excessive moulting, promotes a healthy glossy coat and is ideal for any dog, particularly long haired breeds.

Moulting is a natural process and most dogs will moult once or twice a year.

However, excessive moulting can be a problem and can cause an embarrassment in coping with unsightly hairs around the house. Allergies, central heating and early warm weather can all have an effect on a dog's natural moulting cycle.

Vitapet Moult Formula Coat Conditioner is a unique blend of natural oils rich in Omega-6 fatty acids.

Research indicates that supplementing the diet with the Omega-6 nutrient will help to reduce excessive moulting by replenishing the natural oil levels in the body.

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Fiona Paterson
August 2023

Good product really helps with our long haired German Shepherds moulting. If we run out of this we notice a difference very quickly.

Sue Thorpe
October 2017

My vet advised me to get this for my two Jack Russells. Great product, it takes about 2-3 weeks to work, it has cut hair lose down by about 90-95%. Highly recommended. I got mine from Pets at home, cheaper on here

Amanda Reay
April 2012

An excellent product ive definately noticed a difference in all 3 of my dogs coat, they are lovely, sleek and shiny. compared to last year there isnt half as much hair all over the floor..... would definately recomend.

Marysia Dobke
September 2011

I have recently acquired a Cavalier King Charles who had been dumped by his previous owner. His coat was so bad that it had to be clipped right down. There was no natural oil in his fur. I have had him on this for a few weeks and his coat has improved immensely. There was a noticeable difference within a week. It has also helped by 12 year old collie cross who was moulting badly due to stress following the death of my 14 year old border collie. He has stopped moulting and his fur is thickening up nicely. So nice not to have to resort to drugs or chemicals.