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Fortekor 5mg Flavoured Tablets for Cats and Dogs

Fortekor 5mg Flavoured Tablets for Cats and Dogs big image

Manufacturer: Elanco Animal Health

Prescription Only


Fortekor 5mg Palatable Tablets are indicated for the treatment of heart failure in dogs, and chronic renal insufficiency in cats.

For Dogs with Congestive Heart Failure:
Fortekor helps reduce their blood pressure and blood volume load on the heart

For Cats with Chronic Renal Insufficiency:
Fortekor works to reduce the glomerular blood pressure in the kidneys, which reduces the amount of protein in the urine and the urine protein to creatinine ratio (UPC).

Each Tablet Contains:
Active Substance: Benazepril Hydrochloride 5mg

Tablets sold individually

Legal Category:
POM-V | Fortekor 5mg Flavoured Tablets

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