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Logic Oral Hygiene Gel Pet Toothpaste 70g

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Manufacturer: Ceva



Logic Oral Hygiene Gel Pet Toothpaste is a true veterinary toothpaste, achieves results without brushing your pets teeth.

Whilst brushing the teeth is known to be the most effective means of removing plaque, this is not always possible.

Logic oral hygiene gel contains a multi enzyme complex which works on the plaque helping to destroy existing plaque and prevent the formation of new plaque.

The gel also contains a mild abrasive, whilst the gel itself boosts the action of saliva. Supplied in a tube with applicator to allow direct application to the teeth.

Dosage guideline:
Cats and small dogs 1 cm of gel daily
Dogs < 20 Kg 2 cm of gel; dogs > 20 K 5 cm gel.

Reviews (26)

Overall rating: (4.8 of 5)

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Lisa Dale
March 2017

Excellent products as it can be applied with finger without brushing the teeth.used this product for over 10 years on my dog and not one problem rate it 5

Joy Davies
December 2016

Mickey, the Retired greyhound, had to have 14 teeth out earlier this year. The Vet suggested we keep on with Logic toothpaste. Mickey likes the taste, and I brush it directly onto the teeth to help keep them clean. He had a review this week and the Vet said he is doing good. So I'd wholly recommend this toothpaste.

Amanda Hawkins
March 2016

Our cat and dog love the flavour of this toothpaste - they lick it off your finger. Recommended if your cat or dog doies not like a brush with a toothbrush!

Sarah Ponting
November 2015

This is the only toothpaste I've found that actually helps remove tartar from my dogs' teeth. My vet was impressed when he saw the difference. It does require daily brushing and it takes a long time to see the results when there's bad tartar build-up, but it has saved my dogs a general anaesthetic for tartar removal by the vet. They also love the taste, unlike some of the other products I've tried on them.

Alison Munday
October 2015

My 3 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loves this stuff! Easy to use, no brushing required. Due to my back injury I stopped using it for a while and his teeth have certainly deteriorated. I am now back to using it with a vengeance.

Gemma Collins
September 2015

I opted for this toothpaste as it was the only one I could find where you didn't have to actually "brush" the teeth. I have 2 of the fussiest cats on the face of the earth but they happily lick this off of my finger and one of them even waits for more! I can't speak for how effective it is as we've only been using it a couple of days but if it saves on vet bills then I'm all for it. Also,you do get a free toothbrush should you need it.