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Zero In Flea Killer for the Home

Zero In Flea Killer for the Home big image

Manufacturer: Zero In



The Zero In Flea Killer for the Home mimics warm-blooded hosts to attract fleas from carpets and bedding over a 10 metre radius. Fleas are then trapped onto a special adhesive disc.

The Zero In Flea Killer will help to break the cycle of the flea laying eggs on the carpet and breeding; when the eggs hatch, they will find the trap before they can lay more eggs.

Directions for Use:
Place the trap in a carpeted room for up to a week before moving to another room. For quicker results use 2 traps to cover more rooms.

1 x Flea Killer Trap with fitted plug
3 x Adhesive discs

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Jodie Preece
November 2020

This product is fantastic. Just leave it on all night and it's full of fleas in the morning. I bought 2 for upstairs and downstairs

Chris Masters
April 2020

They work!! Was sceptical at first thinking how would this even work but it did took 2 hours to catch its first flea and they Kept coming after that, I now make a point of switching it on every month for a couple of days, not had anymore flea trouble touch wood, well worth the money.

Oj Brookes
August 2018

This gadget is brilliant. I keep inverts. Tarantulas, Huntsmans, centipedes and many others. I can still bathe my cat in flea prevention stuff and give him his flea drops. What I can't do is use household sprays because of the other animals. So I thought I would give this a try. For the first month or so it caught loads of fleas. Fleas that I didn't even know where there. Since then it has just caught fruit flies and other bugs. It works a treat. I will be buying another and some refills! 10/10! :D

Pam Weeks
June 2018

We have trapped 4 fleas so far when we placed the trap at the side of our dogs bed so it does work.

Yvonne Smith
September 2017

So far I have had the flea trap set up for 3 hours and so far the trap is clean, how quick is it supposed to work

Alistair Macdonald
September 2016

The flea trap killer is a great product for your home especially if you have an infestation (i have got 2 flea trap killer) and infestation is really hard to get away i would buy this flea trap it catches the fleas easy with the sticky pads and the heat from the bulb works it acts as the heat from your pet. I would rate this a 5+.