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Scalibor Collars for Dogs (48cm) - From £26.99
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Scalibor Collars for Dogs (48cm)

Scalibor Collars for Dogs (48cm) big image

Manufacturer: MSD Animal Health



Scalibor Collars for Dogs help control the infestations of ticks, mosquitoes and flies for up to 6 months. It also has some activity against fleas and is used in some countries as a flea collar.

The Scalibor Dog Collar should be fixed around your dogs neck to control ticks (Ixodes ricinus; Rhipicephalus sanguineus) for 5 to 6 months,  sand flies (Phlebotomus perniciosus) for a period of 5 to 6 months and mosquitoes of the species Culex pipiens for 6 months.

The 48cm collar for small and medium dogs. Fasten around the neck only, one collar per dog. For external use only. Can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Scalibor Collar for small and medium-sized dogs contains 4.0% deltamethrin which corresponds to 0.76 g deltamethrin per collar.

Collars sold individually.

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NFA-VPS | Scalibor Collars for Dogs

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Vanessa Bateson
April 2017

i brought these collars for my dogs and so worth it as lasted all season

Karen Mellish
December 2016

Great product! Living in Spain we buy this collar every year for April when the ticks are out and to protect against mosquitos which spread heartworm. The price for this collar from VetUK is much better priced even with the postage to Spain then we can get here. Really glad we found this site.

Lesley White
August 2016

I live in Crete and we have a problem here with Leishmania and when I first came here, one of my dogs developed the disease. I didn't know anything about this disease until then and my vet recommended Scalibor collars. My dogs are now never without these collars, and have done now for years. I'm confident in the product and wouldn't be without them.

Sarah Ponting
May 2016

My dogs wear these from spring to autumn each year. I live in Italy and buy them for protection against leishmaniasis and tick-borne diseases. There are a lot of ticks in the countryside during the summer and the collars work brilliantly against them. They're also supposed to offer some protection against heartworm, although I follow my vet's advice and use separate medication for that. This year the collar irritated the neck of one of my dogs for about a week, but fortunately it didn't get so bad I had to remove it. I'm hoping it won't happen again.

Elizabeth Leach
April 2015

This is a great product and we have used it for several years. It is very effective and this price is very competitive. We use it when taking dogs to Mediterranean countries mainly as a protection against sand flies.

Paul Pearce
February 2015

We live in Greece and have the same issue with diseases as found in many Mediterranean countries. These collars are vital to protect our dog. And they do just that!!! Cheaper than we can get locally - Thanks very much VetUK, Keep up the excellent service.