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Pet Corrector Spray

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Manufacturer: Company of Animals

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3 x 200ml



Pet Corrector Spray is an easy to use kind method of controlling unwanted behaviour in dogs and cats.

Pet Corrector works by using sound to distract the animal and warn them away from doing whatever they're doing.

The Pet Correct is used one or two meters away from the animal and often you will find that it requires only two or three repeat performances before the dog learns and stops the unwanted behaviour as soon as he sees the spray can.

Key Typical Uses:
Unwanted barking, Jumping up, Stealing food, Place avoidance, Aggression.

Why it Works:
Snakes, insects and birds such as geese use a hiss sound to drive off predators; our domesticated pets have the same sensitivity to this sound. The Pet Corrector emits an inert gas (like fresh air) which mimics this hiss sound to interrupt undesirable behaviour.

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Christine Dilley
September 2016

Works really well. My collie x started to bark at any thing any way near the car when I was driving used spray twice now only have to lift can up and show it. The noise sounds like a hissing goose and is completely harmless

Jill Thoroughgood
June 2013

My staffy has only 1 bad habit that I've never been able to control. She will NOT stop barking if I stop to chat to people when I'm walking her, she's not aggressive just wanting all the attention. I no longer have the problem thanks to pet corrector, 1 spray and the command 'quiet' has put a stop to it. Wish I tried this 3 years as it was very embarrassing.

Sara Williams
May 2013

I have 3 Mini Schnauzers and when I take them for a walk one of them barks a high pitch loud yap and nothing I can do will stop him. This has really affected our lives as I have to be careful as to what time I take them for a walk so that they don't upset the neighbourhood - its very stressful! This spray has helped to stop him, he grumbles but I can deal with that and at last I can walk them at any time of day now! The smaller version is great to hold in your hand when you have your lead as well. I can't believe that I paid £8 for this in a shop but VetUK price is brilliant and makes it an affordable solution!

Alison Knill
February 2013

Really useful product, only used it a few times, my dog will now stop being naughty when he sees me get the corrector spray out. Not effective with all dogs though so it is a case of try it and see

Evelyn Veitch
October 2012

I use the corrector spray in Training Class, with my own dogs and also carry one on walks where our dogs can be approached by aggressive or dominant dogs. I find them invaluable as a deterrent for unwanted behaviour and to gain the dog's attention if he is ignoring commands. Used correctly it is very effective and an excellent training aid.

Lisa Soroccos
July 2011

1've bought this for my great dane puppy. He just totally ignored it. In fact I think he likes it.