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VetIQ Flea Guard (Protect-UM) 90 Tablets - From £9.24
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VetIQ Flea Guard (Protect-UM) 90 Tablets

VetIQ Flea Guard (Protect-UM) 90 Tablets big image

Manufacturer: Mark and Chappell



VetIQ Flea Guard 90 Tablets is a completely natural and unique blend of ingredients which aid in the control of fleas and ticks.

A superb natural deterrent for fleas and ticks, these tablets are easily administered orally and leave no lasting chemicals in your pets’ skin or bloodstream.

VetIQ Flea Guard causes your pet to give off a pleasant smell that insects find unpleasant and simply cannot stand, with the added benefit of reducing soggy doggy smells and keeping your pet free from odours.

Key Benefits:

  • Garlic Extract – A natural repellent against insects. Also contains natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which aid the immune system in resisting infection.
  • Yeast Extract – Rich and natural source of essential B-vitamins which are important for promoting overall health, including a shiny coat and a strong immune system.

Dark Brewers Yeast, Tri-Calcium Phosphate, Amino Acid, Garlic, Hops, Rice Bran, Calcium, DL Methionine, Thiamin, Niacin, Riboflavin And Natural Flavourings

Typical Analysis:
Protein 34.5%, Fat 2.4%, Fibre 0%

No added salt, sugar or preservatives.

90 Tablets

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Linda Breslin
January 2023

I have used this product for a long time now, i find no issues with fleas or ticks ever.My dog will eat it without mixing in food he does not mind it at all. I do recommend this tablet.

Yvonne Mcghee
August 2022

I worked my way through one bottle and had no trouble with ticks or fleas. I bought a second and the bottle itself was a different shape and the tablets a lighter shade, but hey ho. Halfway through and my dog has a tick! My dog won’t let me at it, (on the front knee joint), and the garlic, which is supposed to repel them, is obviously proving a delicious accompaniment to the meal. I can only surmise that the change of ingredients has weakened the efficacy of this product… or the tick is French!

Helen Gilpin
October 2020

Since I started to buy these, my dogs haven’t had any problems with fleas. I also use them for my cats and one cat has an allergy to fleas. With this product, I haven’t had to use harsh chemicals on them for the month after I stated using these. Highly recommend!!

Elizabeth Farquhar-anthoney
October 2017

Can Highly Recommend this outstanding Product. We have been using Vet IQ Flea Guard tablets for a good couple of years & the product is outstanding. It is a brilliant alternative to the usual nasty's available & it really does work. Our dogs were always coming home with ticks & we used the tick remover on a regular basis alongside commonly used products to repel them. Then we were recommended Vet IQ Flea Guard & we’ve never looked back. Our dogs have never looked better. What a godsend this natural product is. In over two years all dogs have been totally tick free other than 1 dead one which had the audacity to give it try !! Well done to Vet IQ for such an outstanding natural product.

Catherine Bradfield-smith
March 2017

I have been using Flea Guard tablets on my dogs for several months and they really work. Highly recommended. 5 stars.

Ell Davis
October 2016

Bought these to go with some other flea treatments I bought on here and they seem to be working nicely. My dog who is a super fussy eater scoffs her food down since I've been mixing these with her meat and biscuits. Definitely recommend these.