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Flee Pesticide Free Flea Spray 400ml

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Manufacturer: Bimeda



Flee Pesticide Free Flea Spray is a unique, pesticide free and environmentally safe flea spray for your home.

This fast action flea spray kills all adult fleas, eggs and larvae by immobilising them in 0.4% dimeticone, making them unable to move or hatch. This quickly puts a stop to any flea infestation in your home. This odourless non-insecticidal flea spray is scientifically proven to dramatically reduce dust mite allergens, helping both human and pet sufferers. By getting rid of dust mites, allergic reactions and symptoms will calm and reduce the need for drugs.

This completely safe second generation silicone based flea spray is a revolutionary product that is much more friendly to use, without risk of exposure to children or pets.


  • Odourless
  • Colourless
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Completely Safe
  • Non-Toxic

Active Substance

Active Ingredient: 0.4% Dimeticone Gel/Gum, Cyclometicone

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Penelope Smith
January 2013

I tried this because we have fish and it is not safe to use the majority of products. At the time it was very expensive, now it is comparable to similar ones. I found it not only killed the fleas but has also got rid of carpet moths and ants that have plagued us for the last few years!!! An excellent product and it is good to know it is safe to use.

Ann Peskett
November 2012

This product really works! It's best to use it in conjunction with a 'spot-on' type product on the cat.It only needs to be applied to carpets and furnishings infrequently - more in hot weather than cold. Bedding and beds need a light spraying after a wash.It's odourless, easy to use and of course you're safe in the knowledge that it contains no nasty poisons to which fleas become immune to. I would highly reccommend it.

Sophie Mcdonald
August 2012

A fantastic product. Having used insecticidal flea sprays before, I found this to be more efficient and a pleasure to use. No nasty smells, no need to worry about kids and pets. It can also be used safely on beddings and soft toys. I know it is more expensive than other flea sprays but I believe it is worth it.