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Flea Killer Trap Electric Effective and Safe

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Manufacturer: Zero In



New electronic, poison-free Flea Killer mimics warm-blooded hosts to attract fleas from carpet and bedding over a 10 metre radius and fleas are trapped on a special adhesive disk.

This item helps breaks the cycle of the flea laying eggs in the carpet and breeding, as when the eggs hatch, they will find the trap before they can lay more eggs.

Place in a carpeted room for up to a week before moving to another room, or for quicker results use 2 traps to cover more rooms.

Contains one Flea Killer with fitted plug and three adhesive discs.

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Oj Brookes

This gadget is brilliant. I keep inverts. Tarantulas, Huntsmans, centipedes and many others. I can still bathe my cat in flea prevention stuff and give him his flea drops. What I can't do is use household sprays because of the other animals. So I thought I would give this a try. For the first month or so it caught loads of fleas. Fleas that I didn't even know where there. Since then it has just caught fruit flies and other bugs. It works a treat. I will be buying another and some refills! 10/10! :D

Pam Weeks

We have trapped 4 fleas so far when we placed the trap at the side of our dogs bed so it does work.

Yvonne Smith

So far I have had the flea trap set up for 3 hours and so far the trap is clean, how quick is it supposed to work

Alistair Macdonald

The flea trap killer is a great product for your home especially if you have an infestation (i have got 2 flea trap killer) and infestation is really hard to get away i would buy this flea trap it catches the fleas easy with the sticky pads and the heat from the bulb works it acts as the heat from your pet. I would rate this a 5+.

Maria Parkin

brought this and the its didn't even work when I emailed them i never herd anything back :(

Helen Smart

Great product - worked well straight away. After reading in earlier reviews about bulbs blowing I was wary, but my husband said often bulbs blow when being moved whilst still hot (delicate filaments)so when I moved to a new area turned off then left alone a while before moving- no problem (so far!).