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Clinadry Multi Eye Lubricant 0.5ml (Pack of 20) - From £16.69

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Clinadry Multi Eye Lubricant 0.5ml (Pack of 20)

Clinadry Multi Eye Lubricant 0.5ml (Pack of 20) big image

Manufacturer: SwedenCare UK Ltd



Clinadry Multi is a sodium hyaluronate based solution for use in your pet’s eyes to restore moisture.

Made with a natural polymer formulation that has a high viscosity, the lubricant will spread across the corneal surface evenly and cling to it for longer and more closely than other carbomer-based products.

Key Benefits:

  • Spreads evenly across the corneal surface
  • Preservative-free
  • Reduced detrimental effects
  • Clings to the eye for longer, so less frequent applications are required
  • Binds more closely to the corneal surface

Clinadry Multi contains sodium hyaluronate in a preservative-free formulation

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