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Allerderm Spot On

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Manufacturer: Virbac

From: £22.68
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6 x 2ml Pipettes


6 x 4ml Pipettes



Allerderm Spot ON is an easy to use topical product thats proven to help restore the epidermis in dogs and cats suffering from skin problems.

It will help restore the lipid layer by filling the gaps, which will help skin repair, reduce skin sensitivity and increase moisture and protection.

Pets with skin diseases and disorders often require multiple products to keep them comfortable, Allerderm Spot on can be used with any of the following treatments to aid skin recovery and health:
Topicals, Immunotherapy, Antihistamines, Cyclosporine and Corticosteroids.

Allerderm spot on is easy to use. Simple shake well before use, hold the pipette upright and twist off the pipette top.

Part your pet's hair until the skin is visible and simply place the pipette directly in contact with the skin, squeeze gently and apply the contents onto the skin.

Administration Guide:
2ml Pipette:
Suitable for dogs and cats under 10kg body weight.
4ml Pipette: Suitable for dogs and cats over 10kg body weight.

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Dawn Wooldridge
December 2012

Had 2 cats who overgroomed for years. Tried all the stress remedies, the plugs, tablets etc. We experimented with foods and even had skin biopsies done which proved that that there was no allergens present. Finally we went down the monthly steroid injections, which didn't make the problem any worse but wasn't a miracle cure either. Unfortunately we had to reconsider this when one cat developed diabetes. We tried both Allerderm on one and Dermoscent on the other and within a fortnight hair was growing back. Have been using now for 6 months or so and can honestly say both cats have furry tummies and furry front and back legs. The diabetes went into remission and I now have two healthy cats with beautiful coats. Hoping now that they do not develop a resistance to the product but fingers crossed... Incidently, we narrowed down the problem to Leylandii Cypress trees when we moved from a house with a tree in the neighbours garden to a row of them in our new garden. Unfortunately neighbours also have them both sides so can't simply remove them.