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Flee Pesticide Free Flea Spray 400ml - From £17.00
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Flee Pesticide Free Flea Spray 400ml

Flee Pesticide Free Flea Spray 400ml big image

Manufacturer: Duggan Veterinary



Flee Pesticide Free Flea Spray is a unique, pesticide free and environmentally safe flea spray for your home.

This fast action flea spray kills all adult fleas, eggs and larvae by immobilising them in 0.4% dimeticone, making them unable to move or hatch. This quickly puts a stop to any flea infestation in your home. This odourless non-insecticidal flea spray is scientifically proven to dramatically reduce dust mite allergens, helping both human and pet sufferers. By getting rid of dust mites, allergic reactions and symptoms will calm and reduce the need for drugs.

This completely safe second generation silicone based flea spray is a revolutionary product that is much more friendly to use, without risk of exposure to children or pets.


  • Odourless
  • Colourless
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Completely Safe
  • Non-Toxic

Active Substance

Active Ingredient: 0.4% Dimeticone Gel/Gum, Cyclometicone

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Amy Hayes
November 2022

No idea whether this helps with fleas, it's pretty much unusable due to what it does to hard floors. Suggests it might be slippery for 30 minutes after application - 90 minutes later it's still wet, like an ice rink and completely impossible to walk on. Oh and cleaning it up doesn't help, it resists detergent and exacerbates the problem. Total waste of money and time, do not buy.

Sophie Mcdonald
January 2022

Best flea spray, odourless and safe and much more efficient than insecticide. As it can be applied to soft furnishings and bedding, it makes life a lot easier too.