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CleanAural Sensitive Dog Ear Cleaner 100ml - From £7.00
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CleanAural Sensitive Dog Ear Cleaner 100ml

CleanAural Sensitive Dog Ear Cleaner 100ml big image

Manufacturer: Dechra



CleanAural Sensitive Dog Ear Cleaner is a specially formulated solution for the routine cleaning and removal of ear wax and debris from dogs with sensitive ears.

A mild and pH balanced ear cleaner, containing a specially formulated solution of organic solvents and moisturisers CleanAural Sensitive cleans both healthy and infected ears, removes ear odour, and maintains good overall condition.

Suitable for any breed of dog with sensitive ears as a one off cleaner, or more frequently for pets with wax build-up problems with no side effects or staining / discolouring to the hair around the ears.

Water, Polysorbate 80, Polysorbate 20, Glycerine, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Citrate, Laureth-9, Phenethyl Alcohol, Yucca Vera

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Emma Burnett
July 2018

Been using this for a year, great product, vet's happy, no probs with Cockapoos ears and he loves rolling in everything, snorkelling in deep water etc etc, so I have to be really thorough with his ear health! I'm going back to the CleanAural original though-purely because it has a nice menthol scent-and my dog is such a whiffer, considering he's bathed regularly, It helps him smell far nicer!!! Great value product, would give 5 stars but scent is not the greatest-can't really describe it.

Sally Richards
April 2017

this is an excellent, safe and kind product ideal if your dog has on going ear problems with wax or irritation. It is perfectly safe to administer every day without worry. Really excellent product

Lynne Harris
August 2012

This cleans my dogs ears really well, touch wood he has not had an ear infection since following a regular ear cleaning regime. He has skin sensitivity so thought I would try this instead of the standard cleanaural cleaner. Also just a personal preference but I prefer the smell of this product.