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BambooStick Ear Cleaners for Dogs (Pack of 30) - From £3.10
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BambooStick Ear Cleaners for Dogs (Pack of 30)

BambooStick Ear Cleaners for Dogs (Pack of 30) big image

Manufacturer: J.A.K. Marketing

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BambooStick Ear Cleaners for Dogs have been specially designed with a king size cotton bud for effective ear cleaning and ear care.

Integrated Capacity for Absorption
BambooSticks are 12 times more absorbent than standard cotton buds and thanks to their unique shape, surface contact with the auditory canal is optimised to allow rapid and complete removal of all secretions present in the folds of the auricle.

Safe Cleaning of the Ears
The shape and diameter of the king size buds prevent penetration of the deeper portion of ear, as they are impossible to get around the shoulder of the auditory canal. Even for large dogs, the diameter of the inner portion of the auditory canal is tightened, so undesired contact with the eardrum is virtually impossible on a dog while it is a awake.

BambooSticks are ready to use; no preparation time is necessary and no tidying up is required afterwards.

Incomparable Softness
The suppleness and softness of the BambooStick cotton tip respects the skin and mucosa of the auditory canal.

Pack of 30

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Lisa Cooke
September 2021

These have been a lifesaver, for the year we've been using different methods to clean our two dogs ears, I would recommend these.

Jekaterina Loginova
September 2017

When i bought this, i wasnt sure how this would work. This is an interesting way to clean my dogs ears, it was a lot easier and she was okay with it. My dog didnt move, and once we were done - we were done (for a while). Very useful item to have, just wish it was twice more for the price.

Brooke Stark
July 2016

Love the convenience and effectiveness BEST product for ear cleaning! So why did I buy this product? Well, as a dog groomer I used these when cleaning all the clients dogs ears and once I had my dear Poppy & Koda, siblings from the same kit that both have leg deformities (Poppy's more extreme with two deformed splayed legs), it became quite clear after a vet visit that she was struggling to clean her ears. Poor Poppy needed help as her little front arms couldn't do much and her back legs just completely missed! Poppy is a rabbit, I'll just make that clear, they don't like liquids on them but as I've handled her since birth and with her disability been bathing her since she was little she's become quite accustom to letting me just get on with it & stamping her feet later. Originally I was using cotton buds, Q-tips, but I was using so many, getting the dirt/wax over my hands and generally still leaving quite a lot in them. After trialling a packet from here they have worked a treat! Poppy & Koda now no longer go on the attack because they can hear me coming. Their ears are much cleaner and have gone from a sore red irritated ear canal to a healthy pink soothed fully functioning ear. I'm so pleased and due to the good job they do I don't have to use as many, nowhere near as many as the q-tips, and less frequently which is a great relief to Poppy & Koda. On a side note it would be nice to have larger packets available and I mean that as in number of bamboo sticks not size so that I could order them for commercial use too.