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Drontal Tasty Bone Tablets for Dogs

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Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health

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Drontal Tasty Bone Tablet for Dogs contains 50mg Praziquantel, 144mg Pyrantel Embonate and 150mg Febantel.

Drontal Tasty Bone Tablets have been developed specifically for efficient worm control in your dog or puppy. They are effective against adult and immature forms of Tapeworm and Roundworm, and mature forms of the Hookworm and Whipworm.

The clever bone design and the beef flavouring of these tablets make them much more appealing for your dog compared to regular tablets, as they can be seen as a treat.

For a routine treatment a single dose is recommended every 3 months. However, in the event of a heavy worm infestation a repeat dose should be given after 14 days.

One tablet per 10Kg bodyweight (For dogs over 30Kg please use Drontal Dog XL). No starvation is needed before or after treatment and the tablets can be given directly to your dog or disguised in their food.
For oral administration only.

Legal Category:
NFA-VPS | Drontal Tasty Bone Tablets

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Chris Grievson

My dog loved taking theses tablets , im gd i found vetsuk on a googĺe as my local pets at home store theses tablets are about £34 for the same amount

Morris Morris

always used eats them no trouble. good price on this offer.

Victoria Lindsay

Only use drontal. My dog is terrible at taking these tablets, but I know they work!! When we first got her she was from abroad - I wormed her with drontal and it killed all the worms inside her we didn’t know she had (through no fault of her own - she was a street dog) never had any issues worming her every 3 months after that!! They haven’t returned (fingers crossed!!)

Deborah Tutton

My dogs dont like the flavour so I make little parcels of grated cheese, some with tablets some without and then feed them quickly one after the other. Never fails :) I always use Drontal - it works and I've noticed no side effects. I work on the theory if it works don't fix it!

Philip Stevenson

Easy to give to the dog.Obviously works- he is fine.

Samantha Nelson

I have had trouble with product since they have changed shape, hard to get my little girl to take ,also I found the product went soft stored correctly, bought December 2016 , now august 2017 , expires may 18 the tablets went soft so I wonder if that is why she would not eat them , I multi purchased have chucked about 4 away because of this. will try a different product