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Droncit Spot On Wormer 4 Tube Pack for Cats

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Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health



Droncit Spot On Cat Wormer.

If your cat ever has a flea or hunts and eat mice, it is very likely that they will become infected with tapeworms. Apply Droncit Spot-On when signs of tapeworm infection first appear or in any case every three to four months.

Tapeworm infection is certain to re-occur unless control of the intermediate hosts such as fleas, mice, etc, is undertaken. There are no contra-indications against use during pregnancy and lactation.For the treatment of tapeworm in cats.

Four tubes per box each containing 20mg (0.5 ml) praziquantel, Administer 1 tube per 2.5kg bodyweight.

Do not use on cats weighing less than 1kg.

Legal Category:
AVM-GSL | Droncit Spot On for Cats

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Helen Hayton

Fighting 4 cats to get tablets down is not my idea of fun, I end up worst off every time! Spot ons are a little slice of heaven. I've used Droncit for a few years now and it still works as well as the first time = happy furbabies.

Jordann Wilson

They seem to work for quite some time! Not sure what my cat eats out there but he lost a little weight. Had these a while ago and has remained well-rounded since :)

Jan Andreassen

I works perfectly, after 2-3 days the worms is gone.

Eve Redfern

This is a fantastic product for my cat. He will not eat the food if it has a crushed tablet mixed in it and I can’t put a tablet down his throat as he makes such a fuss. I only buy this product it’s great thank you.

Helen Perry

Used this for my 5 cats, and it worked to keep them worm free! Would recommend.

Charlotte Williamson

My cats won't take tablets, so this is ideal for treating them. Couple of seconds and all done.