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Droncit Spot-On Tapewormer for Cats (4 Tubes)

Droncit Spot-On Tapewormer for Cats (4 Tubes) big image
Droncit Spot-On Tapewormer for Cats (4 Tubes) thumbnail Droncit Spot-On Tapewormer for Cats (4 Tubes) thumbnail Droncit Spot-On Tapewormer for Cats (4 Tubes) thumbnail Droncit Spot-On Tapewormer for Cats (4 Tubes) thumbnail

Manufacturer: Vetoquinol



Droncit Spot-On Tapewormer for Cats effectively kills all forms of common UK adult tapeworms living within your cats’ gut.

Containing praziquantel as the active ingredient, Droncit Spot-On uses a vet-strength formula that targets both immature and mature forms of adult tapeworms to impair their normal functions.

1 tube per 2.5kg of bodyweight

Each 0.5mg Tube Contains:
Praziquantel 20mg

Do not use in Puppies or Kittens

Legal Category:
AVM-GSL | Droncit Spot On for Cats

Reviews (24)

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Petra Davies
April 2020

I have been using the spot-on worming solution for a couple of years now and I have had no problems with it at all. It is very easy to use and my cats don't even seem to notice that I had applied it! I usually pop it on while they are eating or asleep and once applied they are good to go!

Carrie Holden
May 2019

Just tried these drops for the first time after years of failed attempts with worming tablets either meaning I have to bin them or distress my cats by force feeding, which often still ends up in failed attempts and distresses me seeing my cats distressed! I've tried the pill giver, swaddling them, disguising in every type of food going, nothing works! So I'm hoping these do! These drops are expensive-you need to use two pipette's for the average 5KG cat, so it works out at £3.35 per treatment, but if it means no more wasted tablets & the nightmare of trying to administer them, then it's worth it. The only other downside of these drops is they only kill tape worm, the don't kill other types of worms that cats can get.

Ann Terry
November 2018

What a good idea as it is hard to get tablets down a cats throat.

Caroline Milton
September 2018

Tried panacur paste my cat struggled when trying to get her to take it, crushed tablets in her food and she wouldn't eat it all. Bought Droncit spot on wormer and it's so much easier now, would recommend this to any cat owner.

Helen Hayton
July 2018

Fighting 4 cats to get tablets down is not my idea of fun, I end up worst off every time! Spot ons are a little slice of heaven. I've used Droncit for a few years now and it still works as well as the first time = happy furbabies.

Jordann Wilson
June 2018

They seem to work for quite some time! Not sure what my cat eats out there but he lost a little weight. Had these a while ago and has remained well-rounded since :)