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Company of Animals Boomer Ball - From £6.29
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Company of Animals Boomer Ball

Company of Animals Boomer Ball big image

Manufacturer: Company of Animals

From: £6.29
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4 Inches


6 Inches


8 Inches


10 Inches



Company of Animals Boomer Ball is the perfect durable, hard wearing toy, too Many toys just can't take the strain.

The Boomer Ball is virtually indestructible and is ideal for those ball-obsessed, toy destroyers; the larger-than-life characters who love to chase and conquer.

The Boomer Ball is not intended for your dog to carry. The size selected should be larger than your dogs maximum jaw gape.

Size Guide:

Boomer Ball Size Typical Breed
4" Dachshund, Jack Russell, Yorkshire Terrier, Westie
6" Border Collie, Bulldog, Scottie, Springer, Basset
8" Boxer, Dobermann, GSD, Labrador, Golden Retriever
10" Bloodhound, Bull Mastiff, Great Dane, Rottweiler

Reviews (7)

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Michelle Holmes
November 2015

a brilliant ball! my french bulldog spends hours dribbling these balls around 7 its perfect as he cant sink his teeth into it 7 destroy it like he has every other ball ive ever bought him! cant undrestand the negative comments from others moaning about the fact the fact their dog cant bite or carry the ball...thats what its made for! my dog loves it would highly recomend

Francesca Warwick
January 2015

My dog can't pick the ball up as it is too large, but it hasn't stopped her from shaving bits of plastic off it and then coughing. Not entirely impressed with this toy.

Nils Coram
August 2013

This is just a plastic ball, my pup does like it but he cant carry it and gets bored of it quickly unless I play with him. If it dispensed treats as well then I would have awarded it more but this isn't anything special just a hard brittle plastic ball which makes a hell of a racket when it bumps into things.

Samantha Coulson
April 2013

Seems pretty good, I'm liimited with toys for my puppy as she cannot have ANYTHING remotely plush including tennis balls as she loves nothing more than ripping the fluff off them and eventually chewing the ball into pieces. She cannot have rubber balls as her little teeth rip pieces off with ease, one I bought her only lasted two days before having to be thrown in the bin; certain toys make her whine like she is in pain so she barely has any. As she is still a pup I got her the small size (border collie pup) and although she was scared of the noises it made rolling on hard floor, she soon came to love it. She can just about hook her teeth on the little engravings and pick it up but only for a few seconds before dropping it and making chase of it again, its fun for her and loads of fun for me to watch. Little expensive for a toy but definitely worth it =) great shipping as well as I ordered at 2pm and it arrived the next day =)

Jadis Harrot
November 2012

Great! I was forever buying my dog tough footballs but as soon as they deflate a bit he gets his teeth straight in.

Jean Hards-nicholls
August 2012

My Border Terrier loves his Boomer Ball and chases it round the garden at top speed, but I have only awarded it 3 stars as he eventually becomes extremely frustrated and noisy because he cannot get it in his mouth and I have to take it away from him and hide it for a few days to give the neighbours some peace.