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KONG Tug Toy for Dogs - From £9.42

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KONG Tug Toy for Dogs

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Manufacturer: The KONG Company



The KONG Tug Toy for Dogs represents the highest level of tug toy innovation, comfort, and strength.

The KONG rubber grips or 'bite-zones' provide outstanding comfort and safety for both dog and owner, while the rubber centre connector with Control-Flex Technology eliminates potentially dangerous snap-back and provides a comfortable and controlled playtime.

Key Features:

  • Natural rubber stretches and recoils for long-lasting fun
  • Ideal for interactive games
  • Comfortable grips making grabbing easy
  • Control-Flex Technology eliminates potentially dangerous snap-back

12.75" (32cm)
Width: 4.5" (11.4cm)

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Sarah Morris
May 2016

This is the toughest tugger! I know someone who also uses them at the racecourse to load horses into the starter stalls!

Ash Jenkins
August 2015

Brilliant, tough toy, which has been greatly improved by the sounds of it. The pictured tug toy has black handles and connector which seem to be separate to the rest of it - a lot of bad reviews are out there for this product but I wanted to give it a go as it would make a good toy for two dogs to play tug together (or with me). The product is now a one-piece durable red moulded rubber tug toy and the dogs have loads of fun with it. There is not so much as a puncture mark in it which is great given the amount of play they have had with it since it arrived. Hope this one will be a lasting one, will definitely consider buying again.

Hilary Brown
December 2008

Don't leave your dog with this toy on its own. My 8 month border collie chewed the hard red plastic to pieces in no time. While I am aware it is primarily a tug toy I thought it would have been a bit more robust. DEFINITELY do NOT leave your pet unattended with this toy.