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Kong Dental Stick

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Manufacturer: The KONG Company

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Kong Dental Stick is designed to help remove plaque and food debris from a dog's mouth as he chews on it.

Specially designed grooves close over teeth and gently clean and condition both teeth and gums, even those at the back of the mouth.

Logic oral hygiene gel or Kong Stuff 'n' Paste can be applied between the ridges to provide an extra incentive for good oral hygiene during play and of course making it easier for you to use toothpaste on your pets teeth.

Size Guide:
8.5cm (Length)
     Medium: 9cm (Length)
     Large: 12cm (Length)

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Liam Wheeldon

The product looks good, however it is very weak...especially in comparison to the other Kong toys that we ordered. Our dog (collie cross) chewed bits off it within the first 5 minutes. Wouldn't recommend for dogs that like to chew their toys, although I could see how it could be useful to smaller dogs.

Fran Hill

Not as good as I had hoped. Even with soft treats poked down the grooves it doesn't last very long and it didn't clean my dogs' teeth. It might work for serious chewers who just want something to chew.