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KONG Classic Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy - From £9.54
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KONG Classic Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy

KONG Classic Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy big image
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Manufacturer: The KONG Company

From: £9.54
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The KONG Classic Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy is a soft, flexible disc that will create fun exercise for you and your dog.

It has an accurate flight, and is easily thrown long distances. It's also extremely flexible, you can actually roll it up and put it in your pocket, and it's easy to pick up.

Most importantly, it's a soft catch! Won't hurt your dog's teeth as he catches it in mid-air!

Size Guide:
18cm Diameter
Large: 23cm Diameter

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Jocelyn Peacock
July 2015

This is one of our male dog's favourite toys! He loves chasing after it and it flies very well. My other half folds it up in his back pocket when he's off to the park yet it still holds its shape. Also doubles up as a water receptacle when dog 1 (he is a molosser type mongrel, 7 months ~ 30 kg) needs a drink. Durable, fun, and multipurpose. Great Kong toy.

David Sidwell
October 2011

They have totally ruined this dog toy! The older heavier Kong dog frisbee used to fly well even in moderate winds. The new ones (both red and supposedly more durable black) are near useless in even the slightest breeze. They seem to weigh half to two-thirds of the original. They don't fly as far, turn over and dive in the wind and whoever decided to change the factory moulds (no doubt in the name of increased margins) at Kong should be sacked immediately. Unfortunately I did not realise that these had changed these in the past year and so made the mistake of ordering half a dozen from this website which I am now stuck with. The good news is that we managed to find a couple of the older ones as old stock items in a pet shop and so bought them straight away. When our dog has bitten through them in a few weeks/months he will be gutted as will we.

Angela Aston
July 2011

This used to be my dog's favourite toy, and it was my favourite too, because it was so well made & durable. She had her original Kong flyer for a year before it got lost. Then I ordered a replacement, only to find that it was warped & flimsy. It was noticeably poorer quality than its predecessor & I contacted Kong's head office to complain. Only to be told that they have changed the mould. They were kind enough to send me a replacement "old style" kong. Sadly Jada has now lost that one too, so we're stuck with the "new" poor quality version. One of her mark II frisbees has already bitten the dust (a dog in the park ripped it to shreds in under 20 seconds). The other lies discarded as she won't play with it - presumably because it doesn't fly properly. Neither of us are impressed by the changes.

Jonathan Segar
June 2011

The newest batch are rubbish, really cheap and floppy. To illustrate, the ones I bought in Autumn 2010 weight 228 grams each. The new ones (no cheaper to buy) weigh 150 grams. So, you get a third less frisbee for your money, and it does not fly anything like as well. If I knew of another rubber dog frisbee I could buy I would have returned these, but I don't, so I am stuck, reluctantly, with them.

Charles Locke
February 2011

The old version was great, I have 3 Dobermanns that would play with them for hours, they prefer these to the "Blue Gel" one's for some reason. They would last 2-3 week's, with what they have to go through that is excellent. This morning the new one lasted 25 minutes!!! It was completely ripped apart! You can't even throw them well as there far too soft! I will be buying the "Blue Gel" one's from now on. They last as long as OLD "Air Kong Flyer Frisbee" My Dobe's will just have to get used to them.

David Lawrence
May 2007

Probably the best frisbee-type toy you're ever going to find for the average to large dog. The Dog-o-Soar disk by Cyber-Dog flies better but we find that the first holes appear within days. It still flies but after a couple of months the Dog-o-Soar is a wreck. Not with the Kong. Recently it's been made even stronger by the addition of a strengthening ridge inside the rim. Ours have now lasted several months and though they have many teeth marks, there are no holes. If you’re a flying disk purist, you’ll find the Kong a little sluggish but with the right technique it can be propelled 40m+. Like any disk, it is an ideal exercise toy – promoting both speed and agility. Our Welsh Border Collie is besotted with his disks and gets 20 minutes of high intensity workout every day with them. They can even be used for an energetic workout in a reasonable-sized garden – much more controllable than a ball. Oh, and if you’ve never learned the magic secret of throw and chase games for all but the best-trained dog (which ours isn’t) – it’s simply to buy two of the toy. The next throw doesn’t happen until the just-retrieved toy is dropped. The idea is quickly learned and hours of frustration shouting ‘Give!’ are saved.