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Feliway Cystease Urinary Tract Support for Cats - From £9.28
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Feliway Cystease Urinary Tract Support for Cats

Feliway Cystease Urinary Tract Support for Cats big image
Feliway Cystease Urinary Tract Support for Cats thumbnail Feliway Cystease Urinary Tract Support for Cats thumbnail Feliway Cystease Urinary Tract Support for Cats thumbnail Feliway Cystease Urinary Tract Support for Cats thumbnail Feliway Cystease Urinary Tract Support for Cats thumbnail

Manufacturer: Ceva

From: £9.28
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Feliway Cystease Urinary Tract Support for Cats is a supplement that has been designed to support the bladder lining of your cats.

Stress can adversely affect the integrity of the bladder lining of your cat and unfortunately there are many factors that can cause stress in cats. Inter-cat conflict, moving house, new arrivals to the home environment and car travel, to name just a few.

Feliway Cystease contains optimal amounts of N-acetyl Glucosamine and Hyaluronic Acid which are key components of the GAG lining (the lining of the bladder wall) and L-tryptophan which has been proven to reduce stress-related behaviour in cats.

Feliway Cystease should be taken orally, either given whole or broken open and mixed with food, and it is recommended that it should be used with Feliway to achieve the best results.

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Sharon Lacey
March 2021

This product is brilliant! My youngest cat was having some wee issues, she's been on 1 tablet a day sprinkled on her breakfast for 2 weeks, she's much happier now and doesn't wee on the bed anymore! Highly recommended, I'll definitely order again!

Mirella J Applegate
February 2018

Ever since my poor cat got traumatised by the grand children she started getting stressed so then she contracted cystitis,had two trips to the vet but was getting ridiculous in vet bills,until a friend recommended Vet Uk,i found Felway Cystease so thought give it a go,followed the instructions,she was sick a couple of times but then she got used to them in her food,2 weeks later she wasback to normal self,now i use them all the time,and for half the price of the vets i use.

Gloria Oglesby
May 2014

My 19 year old cat suffers with regular bouts of cystitis which means the added stress of visits to the vets for blood and urine tests. I did not realise that she should have been on Feliway Cystease every day for bladder maintenance until I purchased these from this website. These are half the price that the vet charges and my vet checked the ingredients and they are identical. My cat won't be pilled so I sprinkle the Feliway Cystease on her wet food but find I have to use just a spoon full of food and feed her from my hand. So far, so good!

Elaine Wayland
March 2014

I decided to persevere with Feliway Cystease after reading Janet's review. I am so glad I did as my 18 year old cat was frequently suffering bouts of cystitis which meant trips to the vet for blood and urine tests, stressful for us both. She has been taking Feliway Cystease since the end of December and has not had blood in her urine since. I will continue to give Milly these tablets. In the past my vet had prescribed Feliway Cystease but at that time I hadn't realised she was to have them continuously. Thanks to Janet for her review and I hope this helps others with similar problems. Elaine.

Janet Vaughan
September 2013

My 15 year old cat has been having 1 capsule every other day of Feliway Cystease since May 2004. He was diagnosed with struvite crystals causing blood in his urine, even after the crystals had dissolved, and this product worked for him. I am convinced the glucosamine also helps with joint mobility - at 15 years old he shows no signs of stiffness, or loss of power in his hind legs. He is unable to detect it in his food, unlike Cystaid. Highly recommend Feliway Cystease.